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Russia challenges Crimea awards and changes strategy

Russia has applied to the Swiss courts to annul a pair of investment treaty awards in favour of Ukrainian investors who had their assets seized in Crimea – as the state announces it has reversed its policy of not participating in arbitrations arising from its annexation of the territory five years ago.

06 June 2019

Russia ordered to release Ukrainian vessels and crew

A UN court has ordered Russia to release three Ukrainian naval vessels and 24 servicemen that were detained last year in waters adjacent to Crimea – as Ukraine pursues an arbitration over their seizure.

28 May 2019

Switzerland seeks release of vessel and crew from Nigeria

The Swiss government has applied to a UN court in Hamburg for provisional measures in support of an arbitration against Nigeria to secure the release of a gas oil tanker and its crew that were seized by the west African state’s navy more than a year ago.

23 May 2019

Ukraine seeks order for release of vessels and crew

Ukraine has initiated arbitration against Russia over its continued detention of three Ukrainian naval vessels and 24 servicemen following an incident last year in waters adjacent to Crimea – and has asked an international court for provisional measures to ensure their immediate return.

18 April 2019

New phase of “gas wars” begins in Stockholm

A newly formed tribunal at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has begun hearing the latest iteration of a multibillion-dollar dispute between Ukraine’s Naftogaz and Russia’s Gazprom over long-term contracts for the supply and transit of gas.

31 January 2019

Naftogaz turns to US courts in battle with Gazprom

Ukraine’s national oil and gas company Naftogaz has asked the US courts for help in obtaining information about Gazprom’s European assets in connection with its efforts to enforce a US$2.56 billion SCC award.

13 December 2018

Slovenia takes Croatia to European court over unimplemented border award

Details have emerged of an action brought by Slovenia against Croatia in the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to enforce an arbitral award resolving a land and sea border dispute between the two Balkan countries in light of an arbitrator’s conduct.

06 November 2018

Iran wins measures from ICJ over US sanctions

The International Court of Justice has issued provisional measures requiring the United States to ease some of the sanctions it imposed on Iran following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal over the Iranian nuclear programme.

03 October 2018

China and Philippines negotiate over South China Sea

China and the Philippines are negotiating a deal to jointly exploit oil and gas in the disputed waters of the South China Sea – despite an arbitration award which rejected China’s claims to historic rights over the vast majority of the maritime territory.

12 September 2018

Tribunal to hear Russia’s objections in Crimea waters dispute

A tribunal constituted under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea has agreed to hear Russia’s preliminary jurisdictional objections to an arbitration with Ukraine over potentially hydrocarbon-rich waters adjacent to Crimea and other regions of Ukraine – including an argument that the dispute relates to sovereignty over annexed territory and not to the law of the sea.

31 August 2018

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