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Gazprom to pay out on billion-dollar gas price award

Russia’s Gazprom has agreed to repay US$1.5 billion to Poland’s state gas utility PGNiG to comply with an award in a gas price review arbitration but says it will continue with efforts to challenge the outcome in the Swedish courts as well as pursuing further price renegotiations.

15 June 2020

Vietnam weighs South China Sea claim

Vietnam is reportedly moving closer to launching an international arbitration against China over maritime rights in the South China Sea, as officials in Beijing continue to assert control in the disputed waters.

07 May 2020

Hague tribunal orders return of Iranian assets

The Iran-US Claims Tribunal in The Hague has ruled in a long-running dispute over Iranian physical assets that were frozen during the 1979 hostage crisis – ordering the US to pay over US$29 million in damages to Iran and return several antique musical instruments including a Stradivarius.

16 March 2020

UN postal body delivers for Qatar

The Universal Postal Union has passed an “unprecedented” resolution urging its bureau to appoint tribunal chairs in four arbitrations filed by Qatar against its Middle Eastern neighbours, relating to the suspension of postal services as part of the continuing blockade in the Gulf.

02 March 2020

Ukraine's maritime claim against Russia to proceed

A tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration has rejected the majority of Russia’s jurisdictional objections to a case brought by Ukraine over maritime rights around Crimea – but said it lacked authority to address claims implicating the sovereignty of the annexed territory.

24 February 2020

Greek state entity declares win in gas-pricing case

Greece’s state-owned gas company Depa says it has won a Stockholm-seated ICC arbitration filed against Turkish counterpart Botaş in the latest installment of a 10-year dispute over the price of gas supplied under a pipeline deal.

23 January 2020

Gazprom fails in challenge to first Naftogaz award

A Swedish court has rejected a challenge by Gazprom to an SCC award favouring Ukrainian state entity Naftogaz in a multibillion-dollar gas dispute – with hearings scheduled for next year on challenges to two further awards.

29 November 2019

Ukraine’s ICJ claim against Russia clears hurdle

The International Court of Justice has ruled it can hear claims by Ukraine concerning Russia’s alleged support of terrorism in eastern Ukraine and mistreatment of non-Russian communities in Crimea.

11 November 2019

Mauritius and Maldives take boundary dispute to UN court

Mauritius and the Maldives have agreed to have a dispute over their maritime boundary in the Indian Ocean resolved by a special chamber of a UN court in Hamburg rather than by arbitration.

23 October 2019

UN committee upholds jurisdiction over Qatar discrimination claims

Leading arbitration practitioners will fight two ground breaking human rights cases after a United Nations committee agreed to hear complaints brought by Qatar against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over their blockade of the country – which it says violates a treaty against racial discrimination.

04 September 2019

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