Work Area: Investor-state arbitration

Investor files trio of claims against EU, Denmark and Germany

A US-owned investment group has launched the first ever ICSID claim against the European Union, as well as separate claims against Germany and Denmark over an oil and gas enterprise.

25 October 2023

Australian court rejects India’s sovereign immunity defence

The Federal Court of Australia has ruled that India cannot rely on state immunity as a defence to enforcement of a US$111 million investment treaty award arising from a cancelled satellite deal.

24 October 2023

“The most severe abuses of the arbitral process”: UK court overturns mega-award on grounds of fraud

A UK judge has raised serious concerns about the supervision of large arbitrations involving states after finding that an US$11 billion award against Nigeria was procured through false evidence, corrupt payments and improper retention of leaked documents.

23 October 2023

Swiss state utility brings ECT claim against Germany

A publicly owned Swiss company has brought an Energy Charter Treaty claim against Germany over its investment in a coal power plant.

23 October 2023

German solar investors win damages over Spanish reforms

An ICSID tribunal has ordered Spain to pay €15 million plus interest to a group of German solar investors over reforms to the state's renewable energy subsidy regime.

23 October 2023

Swiss mining group threatens Liberia over iron ore rights

A Swiss-based mining group has threatened an investment arbitration against Liberia, accusing it of covertly transferring its rights to a US$2 billion iron ore mining project to ArcelorMittal.

20 October 2023

Nepalese court annuls ICC tribunal’s procedural ruling

A Nepalese state-owned utility facing an ICC claim has persuaded a local court to set aside the arbitral tribunal’s decision to grant the claimant an extension to a filing deadline.

19 October 2023

Annulment committee challenged in case against Oman

A Turkish construction company has challenged all three members of an ICSID committee hearing its bid to annul a previously unreported award in favour of Oman, alleging they showed bias through a series of decisions – including one that amounted to “direct interference” in court proceedings in Ankara.

18 October 2023

Counsel in place for Burkina Faso mining dispute

A Perth-based mining company says it has retained a “leading arbitration law firm” after Burkina Faso withdrew an exploration permit for a gold deposit.

18 October 2023

UK investor's estate brings ICSID claim against Azerbaijan

The estate of a deceased British businessman in the construction sector has brought an ICSID claim against Azerbaijan.

17 October 2023

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