Work Area: Commercial arbitration

Alstom award enforced in France despite bribery claim

A court in Versailles has enforced an ICC award against Alstom after finding that the French transport group had not provided sufficient evidence to support its bribery defence – the latest in a line of French court decisions dealing with corruption allegations in arbitration.

03 April 2023

“A bad look”: arbitrator’s second appointment by counsel leads to set-aside

A Canadian court has set aside two awards in an espresso bar franchise dispute after it emerged through an accidental CC that the sole arbitrator had been appointed by one side’s counsel in a concurrent arbitration.

03 April 2023

Staying put for arbitration: seeking an interlocutory injunction in the Cayman Islands

The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has considered for the first time whether a defendant that seeks interlocutory injunctive relief from the court after applying to stay Cayman litigation pending arbitration loses its right to a stay. Julie Engwirda, Paul Smith and Caitlin Murdock of Harneys report.

03 April 2023

Game over in Korean technology dispute

A South Korean videogame developer says it has won a US$150 million award in an ICC dispute over the licensing rights to a popular online game.

28 March 2023

Aynès disqualified from Iranian gas case

Laurent Aynès has been disqualified as president of the arbitral tribunal hearing a US$32 billion case over a gas supply contract brought by Crescent Petroleum against Iran's national oil company.

27 March 2023

Iraqi state entity faces US discovery bid

A Dutch salvage company is seeking US discovery from seven banks as it tries to enforce an ICC award worth US$107 million against an Iraqi state oil company.

27 March 2023

Roadbuilders try to revive ICSID claim against Kuwait

Rizzani de Eccher and its partners have applied to revive an ICSID claim against Kuwait over a billion-dollar road project – as the Italian contractor defends a seizure order granted in aid of a €60 million arbitration against Russia’s Gazprom.

24 March 2023

Agility wins bribery claim against Iraqi mobile operator

Kuwaiti logistics group Agility says two of its affiliates have won US$1.65 billion in an ICC claim against an Iraqi mobile operator that was found to have engaged in bribery and corruption.

21 March 2023

Indian court confirms set-aside of billion-dollar award

The Delhi High Court has affirmed its decision to set aside a US$1.3 billion ICC award against an Indian state-owned entity based on allegations of fraud.

20 March 2023

Leaked documents shed light on arbitrator challenge in Iranian gas case

Documents leaked to GAR shed light on efforts by Iran's national oil company to disqualify the tribunal president in a US$32 billion arbitration with Crescent Petroleum, a challenge that is supposed to be decided this week.

14 March 2023

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