Work Area: Commercial arbitration

Manhattan hotel-turned-shelter leads to ICC award

An ICC tribunal chaired by Foley Hoag partner Christina Hioureas has held the owner of a hotel on Manhattan’s Lower East Side liable for converting the property into a homeless shelter during the pandemic without the consent of its manager.

09 November 2022

Russian steel producer wins set-aside bid in Sweden

In a rare example of an annulment in the Swedish courts, the operator of a Russian steel plant has won the partial set-aside of a Stockholm Chamber of Commerce award in a US$200 million dispute with a Chinese engineering contractor.

08 November 2022

JAMS decides Fox dispute over betting brand stake

A JAMS arbitrator has ruled that Fox will have to pay over US$3.7 billion if it wants to acquire a stake in a fast-growing US sports betting brand – nearly twice as much as the Rupert Murdoch-owned entertainment group had argued for.

07 November 2022

Shanghai pharma company wins put-option dispute

A Shanghai-based pharmaceutical company has sought to enforce an ICDR award worth over US$40 million against the founder of a New Jersey-based medical practices network who has been implicated in a bank fraud conspiracy.

07 November 2022

Chinese state entities take Maltese awards to California

Subsidiaries of two Chinese state-owned entities have applied to a California court to enforce awards issued in a pair of cases at the Malta Arbitration Centre relating to the €71 million sale of solar power assets.

03 November 2022

ICC commission appoints new vice-chairs

The ICC commission on arbitration and ADR has appointed eight new vice-chairs to its steering committee as its renewed membership met in Miami last week.

03 November 2022

Canadian mining company beats royalties claim in Chile

A Toronto-listed mining company says it has defeated a US$30 million royalties claim relating to a rare earth project in Chile.

03 November 2022

ICC rejects billion-dollar claim over Korean “smart city”

A Korean construction company has defeated a US$2.5 billion ICC claim by a New York developer that said it was fraudulently ousted from a joint venture to build a sustainable city near Seoul – a dispute that also spawned the threat of an ICSID claim.

01 November 2022

Venezuela faces claim after insurance currency row

Four Dutch companies have brought an ICSID claim against Venezuela for allegedly expropriating their subsidiary’s insurance business after it refused to make a payout to a Venezuelan state-owned company in the desired currency, US dollars.

28 October 2022

Guatemalan bank sees off ICDR claim in bribery dispute

A Guatemalan bank has defeated an ICDR claim worth almost US$400 million brought under a share purchase agreement allegedly procured through bribery.

28 October 2022

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