Work Area: Commercial arbitration

Swiss trader defeats claim over Congo oil field

An ICC tribunal has declined to hear a UK energy company’s US$200 million claim against a Swiss commodities trader over an oil field in the Republic of the Congo – finding no basis to extend an arbitration clause to non-signatories.

29 August 2023

Delhi court provides guidance on India’s stamping conundrum

After a recent Indian Supreme Court ruling that unstamped arbitration agreements are unenforceable, the Delhi High Court has clarified the steps that must now be taken when dealing with a petition for the court to appoint arbitrators. Shashank Garg, an advocate who appeared as amicus curiae in the Delhi proceedings, reports.

25 August 2023

Mexican media group brings claim against Peru

A Mexican multimedia group has lodged an ICSID case against Peru – having previously threatened to file a claim over a concession to roll out a fibre optic network.

24 August 2023

Olympics contractor faces claim after settlement with Greece

A US defence contractor has asked a Virginia court to halt an ICDR arbitration brought by a former agent following the settlement of a dispute with the Greek government over a security system for the 2004 Olympic Games.

24 August 2023

Packaging M&A leads to €400 million fraud claim

The German Arbitration Institute (DIS) is hearing a €400 million dispute over the acquisition of an Austrian packaging manufacturer whose former managers were accused of embezzlement and fraud, it has emerged.

23 August 2023

South African lender wins ICC dispute with Ugandan real estate group

CORRECTED: A South African investment fund has won almost US$36 million in a London-seated ICC case against a Ugandan businessman and his companies over repayment of a loan that financed a real estate development in Kampala.

23 August 2023

Brazilian contractor wins ICC award against PDVSA

An ICC tribunal has ordered Venezuela’s national oil and gas company PDVSA to pay around US$52 million to a Brazilian construction group for terminating contracts to build two gas processing facilities.

22 August 2023

UK court refuses to grant anti-suit injunction in aid of French arbitration

The Commercial Court in London has refused to grant an anti-suit injunction to support a Paris-seated ICC arbitration, saying it would be inconsistent with the French courts’ approach and go against the parties’ intentions.

22 August 2023

Israeli fintech group seeks bankruptcy relief after fraud claims

An Israel-based fintech group facing allegations of a US$4 billion fraud has filed for bankruptcy protection in Delaware, thwarting an insurance broker’s bid for injunctive relief in aid of a threatened arbitration in Bermuda.

21 August 2023

US appeals court upholds Panama Canal awards

A US appeals court has refused to set aside a pair of ICC awards worth US$285 million in favour of the Panama Canal Authority based on the arbitrators’ involvement in unrelated arbitrations.

21 August 2023

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