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Kosovo liable over power plant project

A British power company has reportedly won €20 million in an ICC arbitration against Kosovo over a scrapped power plant – a dispute that also saw a discontinued ICSID proceeding.

10 October 2023

Hong Kong court maintains anti-suit injunction against Gazprom venture

A Hong Kong court has upheld an injunction restraining a Gazprom joint venture from pursuing Russian litigation while an HKIAC arbitration is pending, rejecting allegations the sanctioned entity cannot be guaranteed a fair trial at the arbitral institution.

09 October 2023

UK appeal court finds Russia sanctions don’t prevent fraud suit

The Court of Appeal in London has confirmed that the UK sanctions regime does not prevent courts from entering judgment in favour of sanctioned persons in civil litigation – meaning an US$850 million fraud suit brought by two Russian banks can proceed.

09 October 2023

London court rejects ECJ ruling in oil spill saga

A London court has refused to enforce an €855 million Spanish court judgment over a major oil spill after finding it would violate two earlier arbitral awards in the dispute – defying a ruling from the European Court of Justice on the issue.

06 October 2023

Somalia defeats claim over coastguard contract

A tribunal administered by Dutch arbitral institution UNUM has thrown out a €90 million claim brought by a Cypriot shipping company against Somalia after it defaulted on a contract to build up the country’s coastguard against piracy.

06 October 2023

Indian biotech company faces claim from Canadian partner

An Indian biotech company says that its Canadian partner has filed an US$118 million ICC claim over their collaboration to develop drugs.

06 October 2023

Chinese solar panel maker liable in ICC case

An ICC tribunal has ordered a Chinese manufacturer to pay US$72 million in a dispute with a Brazilian renewable energy company over the supply of modules for a solar power project.

05 October 2023

Peru on the hook for ICC awards in Canada

A Canadian court has ruled that ICC awards worth US$190 million rendered against a Peruvian ministry and one of its entities are also enforceable against Peru as they have no separate legal identity.

03 October 2023

Algerian state entity wins shares but no damages in seawater plant dispute

An ICC tribunal has upheld a claim by a subsidiary of Algeria’s national oil and gas company Sonatrach over rights to shares in a seawater desalination plant, while rejecting its claims for almost US$400 million in damages against two Asian companies.

03 October 2023

UK court refuses to restrain Russian litigation

UPDATED: The Commercial Court of England and Wales has said it lacks jurisdiction to grant an anti-suit injunction to enforce a Paris-seated ICC arbitration clause, despite a recent Court of Appeal decision granting a similar injunction.

02 October 2023

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