Topic: Tribunal appointments

UK adds names to ICSID roster

The United Kingdom has named its latest designations to the ICSID panels of arbitrators and conciliators, after it held an open competition for those appointments for the first time.

11 November 2020

Who is sitting at ICSID?

Nine tribunals have been formed at ICSID in the past month, including a first-time appointment for Sweden’s Johan Sidklev.

27 October 2020

Who is sitting at ICSID?

CORRECTED: Eight panels have been formed at ICSID in the past month, with first-time appointments for Céline Lévesque, Eva Kalnina, Henry Burnett and David Arias.

26 August 2020

Who is sitting at ICSID?

Nine panels have been formed at ICSID in the past six weeks, including two arbitrators accepting their first-ever appointments at the centre – Germany’s Maxi Scherer and Arnaud de Nanteuil of France.

24 July 2020

Who is sitting at ICSID?

Ten panels have been formed at ICSID in the past five weeks, including seven arbitrators appointed at the centre for the first time.

10 June 2020

UN postal body delivers for Qatar

The Universal Postal Union has passed an “unprecedented” resolution urging its bureau to appoint tribunal chairs in four arbitrations filed by Qatar against its Middle Eastern neighbours, relating to the suspension of postal services as part of the continuing blockade in the Gulf.

02 March 2020

Somali judge-arbitrator takes presidency of ICJ

Somali judge and arbitrator Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf – who has been a strong spokesman for the “Africanisation” of arbitration – has been elected president of the International Court of Justice, with Xue Hanqin of China as vice-president.

07 February 2018

Crimea waters case gets under way in The Hague

A politically-sensitive arbitration between Ukraine and Russia over potentially oil-rich waters adjacent to Crimea is under way in The Hague, heard by a five-member tribunal chaired by South Korean judge Jin-Hyuin Paik that was constituted in accordance with the 1982 UN Convention of the Law of the Sea.

22 May 2017

First woman arbitrator appointed in Saudi Arabia

The arbitration community is reacting positively to news that a woman – Shaima Aljubran – has been appointed for the first time as an arbitrator in a commercial case in Saudi Arabia.

30 August 2016

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