Topic: Russia-Ukraine conflict

Indian state utility pursues former Gazprom unit

India’s state-owned gas company GAIL has filed a US$1.8 billion LCIA claim against a former Gazprom unit for failing to supply contracted cargoes of LNG.

04 December 2023

Belarusian state entity files treaty claim against Lithuania

A Belarusian state-owned entity has launched an investment treaty claim against Lithuania over the termination of a contract for the transportation of fertilisers in the wake of international sanctions.

15 November 2023

Sanctioned billionaire’s companies hit with anti-suit injunction

The Commercial Court in London has restrained companies owned by a sanctioned Russian billionaire from bringing litigation in Russia against a Cypriot investment services company in defiance of an LCIA arbitration clause.

13 November 2023

Carlsberg dispute with Russia brewing

UPDATED WITH COUNSEL: Danish beermaker Carlsberg has reportedly threatened Russia with an investment treaty claim over the alleged illegal expropriation of its business in the state.

09 November 2023

Another Crimea award surfaces in US court

A Ukrainian electricity company has wasted no time in applying to enforce an investment treaty award that found Russia liable for expropriating its assets in Crimea – putting the award in the public domain.

08 November 2023

Russian court restrains HKIAC claim against state-owned bank

A St Petersburg court has restrained a subsidiary of Russia’s VTB Bank from bringing an HKIAC arbitration against the state-controlled lender – which is pursuing litigation to recover €112 million in alleged debts.

08 November 2023

Ukrainian energy company reports win against Russia

Ukraine’s largest private energy company says it has won US$267 million in an investment treaty claim against Russia over assets seized following its occupation of Crimea.

02 November 2023

Gazprom unit asks Russian court to block billion-dollar SCC claim

Gazprom’s export arm has asked a Russian court to block a US$1.5 billion SCC arbitration brought by a Polish pipeline company over halted gas deliveries.

17 October 2023

Gazprom venture revealed as target of UK anti-suit injunctions

A subsidiary of Russia’s Gazprom has been revealed as the target of a set of recent English anti-suit injunction requests by German banks seeking to enforce Paris-seated ICC arbitration clauses.

11 October 2023

UK appeal court finds Russia sanctions don’t prevent fraud suit

The Court of Appeal in London has confirmed that the UK sanctions regime does not prevent courts from entering judgment in favour of sanctioned persons in civil litigation – meaning an US$850 million fraud suit brought by two Russian banks can proceed.

09 October 2023

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