Topic: Public international law

PIL specialist swaps chambers in London

London-based public international law specialist Thomas Sebastian has left Monckton Chambers to join Essex Court Chambers.

31 July 2023

Amirfar on international adjudication and global crises

In the latest Lalive lecture, Catherine Amirfar argued that, despite its critics, international adjudication still has an important role to play in peacefully resolving global crises and that one must look at the details of a case and surrounding events to understand its true contribution. Simon Bianchi of Lalive reports.

04 July 2023

LIDW discusses claims mechanisms for Ukraine war damage

A panel at London International Disputes Week considered the mechanisms available to parties seeking compensation for damages suffered as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

16 May 2023

Russia’s effective control over eastern Ukraine: implications of the ECHR ruling

Tomas Vail of Vail Dispute Resolution in London and independent counsel Anastasiya Ugale consider the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling on Russia’s effective control over eastern Ukraine and its implications for investment treaty claims arising from the war in Ukraine.

09 May 2023

The High Seas Treaty: a further step in environmental protection

The United Nations has recently reached a historic agreement on environmental protection known as the High Seas Treaty. Meriam Al-Rashid and Kate Johnston of Eversheds Sutherland consider its key provisions and compare it with another important environmental treaty covering Latin America.

03 May 2023

Bahrain enforces ICC award in Paris

A Paris court has upheld the enforcement of an ICC award favouring Bahrain in a €180 million dispute with a French construction company that is now in liquidation.

25 April 2023

Ukraine can defend Russian bond claim in UK trial

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Ukraine can defend its non-payment of a US$3 billion Eurobond debt to Russia at a full trial, but only on limited grounds of duress.

16 March 2023

ICCA panel to draft disputes annex for Paris Agreement

Catherine Amirfar and Annette Magnusson are to chair a high-level ICCA panel that will develop and promote a draft annex on conciliation of disputes for the Paris Agreement and its parent treaty, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

24 February 2023

2022 in review at McNair event in London

A London event hosted by McNair International reviewed the key decisions of 2022 concerning the English Arbitration Act 1996, investment treaty disputes, and public international law before the English courts. James McGlaughlin of McNair international and Charles Enderby Smith of Carter-Ruck report.

07 February 2023

Pakistan-India hydro dispute underway in The Hague

An arbitral tribunal tasked with resolving a dispute between Pakistan and India over two hydroelectric power plants has had its first meeting in The Hague – but India has refused to participate, arguing the matter should be resolved through an alternative process under the same treaty.

06 February 2023

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