Topic: Expedited arbitration

ICSID releases new rules

ICSID has released its new rules for investment disputes, which will take effect in a week’s time – bringing to an end what it calls the “most significant procedural modernisation” in its history.

23 June 2022

Born criticises excessive court scrutiny of arbitral innovations

At a keynote at GAR Live Abu Dhabi today, Gary Born warned of courts applying an “ill-informed and counterproductive” level of scrutiny to innovative arbitral mechanisms that promote the speedy resolution of disputes.

09 February 2022

GAR Live Lookback: Frankfurt - Emergency and expedited arbitrations – the pros and cons

If you wanted to divide a room in 2017, you simply ask about expedited arbitration. GAR Live Frankfurt last year proved no exception. For once, though, the panel in question included some in-housers, who were forthright in their views.

08 June 2018

Guatemalan power plant award upheld in Singapore

A Singapore court has upheld a US$149 million ICC award in a dispute over a power plant in Guatemala – rejecting arguments that the tribunal unfairly restricted one side’s access to evidence and failed in a duty to investigate corruption allegations.

27 April 2018

First expedited ICC cases are under way

The first tribunals have been constituted under the recently enacted expedited procedure provisions of the 2017 ICC arbitration rules. the ICC International Court of Arbitration has reported.

07 September 2017

Istanbul audience divides on merits of fast track arbitration

Stark differences on expedited arbitration emerged at GAR Live Istanbul 2017, with half the audience expressing scepticism while others felt, without it, or something similar, international arbitration might “kill itself”.

29 June 2017

New ICC rules take effect as note released

The new ICC Rules of Arbitration take effect today while a revised note to parties and arbitrators seeks to prevent delay in new expedited proceedings, ensure reasons are provided for decisions and govern the conduct of participants in arbitrations for the first time.

01 March 2017

ICC introduces expedited procedure

After a meeting of its executive board in Bangkok, the ICC International Court of Arbitration has revised its rules to, among other things, introduce an expedited procedure that can apply to cases of all value.

04 November 2016

“Cutting the crap” through expedited procedures

15 April 2016

Expedited procedure for financial disputes unveiled in London

01 May 2015

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