Topic: Dual nationality

Vietnam fails to halt treaty claim by dual national

A French court has upheld an UNCITRAL tribunal’s decision to hear a dual national’s US$2.5 billion treaty claim against Vietnam over the cancellation of a thermal power project.

18 September 2023

Failed BIT claim leads to human rights complaint

A Spanish-Venezuelan businessman has complained to the European Court of Human Rights over the Dutch courts’ refusal to review the dismissal of a US$240 million investment treaty claim against Venezuela.

15 September 2023

Mauritius seals win in treaty dispute with dual national

A French-Mauritian businessman whose US$1 billion investment treaty claim against Mauritius was dismissed five years ago because of his dual nationality has lost a final bid to challenge the decision in the Belgian courts.

29 May 2023

Dual national's award against Senegal upheld

The French Court of Cassation has upheld a US$243 million investment treaty award obtained by a French-Senegalese businessman against Senegal, dismissing the state’s arguments regarding his dual nationality.

25 May 2023

Swedish investor drops ICSID claim over UAE residency permit

A Swedish-Iranian national who brought a funded ICSID claim against the United Arab Emirates over its refusal to renew his residency permit has dropped his case after the state contested the authenticity of some of his evidence.

01 December 2022

Kosovo defeats expropriation claim

An ICC tribunal has reportedly rejected a €65 million claim against Kosovo brought by an economist and former politician who claimed his investments in a network of petrol stations were expropriated.

11 August 2022

Venezuela defeats dual national’s billion-dollar claim

A dual national backed by a third-party funder has seen his billion-dollar treaty claim against Venezuela thrown out based on his “dominant and effective” nationality.

01 February 2022

Oligarch fails to revive treaty claim against Russia

Former banker Sergei Pugachev has failed to persuade a Spanish court to revive his US$14.5 billion investment treaty claim against Russia.

10 January 2022

Senegal faces new ICSID claim

Mauritian investors have brought an ICSID claim against Senegal over a €1 billion power plant project, months after the West African state lost its challenge to a €243 million UNCITRAL award in favour of a dual national.

10 January 2022

Armenia defeats ICSID claim over real estate venture

An ICSID tribunal has thrown out a claim against Armenia over a real estate venture after finding that one of the claimants had dual Armenian-US nationality and that his company had not made a valid investment.

16 December 2021

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