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Crypto award blocked in UK on public policy grounds

An English court has taken the “rare” step of refusing to enforce a foreign award on public policy grounds, finding that an award won by a US cryptocurrency company in a California-seated JAMS arbitration breached UK consumer law.

19 July 2023

Crypto lender seeks to halt arbitration

A bankrupt cryptocurrency lender has asked a US court to restrain a Swiss Arbitration Centre proceeding filed by a company that allegedly refused to return US$150 million in digital assets, as its embattled CEO is charged with misleading investors.

13 July 2023

US Supreme Court stays crypto lawsuit for arbitration appeal

The US Supreme Court has ruled that a lawsuit brought by customers of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase should be automatically stayed while the company appeals a ruling rejecting its bid to compel arbitration – a move dissenting justices said would open a “Pandora’s box” for parties seeking to frustrate litigation.

26 June 2023

HKIAC hears fight between “Bitcoin Jesus” and bankrupt crypto exchange

An investor dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus” is pursuing a US$200 million HKIAC claim against a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, it has emerged, as he faces a claim for an alleged default that contributed to the platform’s downfall.

05 May 2023

Crypto investors lodge class action fraud claim

Three investors have filed a class action claim at the American Arbitration Association to recover their assets from a cryptocurrency lender they accuse of conducting a billion-dollar sham transaction to conceal its insolvency.

05 January 2023

Crypto platform faces claim over “wallet-draining” scam

Nearly 100 individual investors are bringing an arbitration against US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, alleging a security flaw allowed scammers to drain more than US$21 million in assets from their accounts.

21 October 2022

Crypto fund collapse produces billion-dollar claim

A Singapore-based currency trader has filed a US$2.4 billion ICDR claim seeking to recover loans issued to a crypto hedge fund that it says suffered an “unprecedented implosion” following market volatility.

21 July 2022

“Bitcoin Jesus” faces HKIAC claim

A cryptocurrency exchange has launched an US$84 million HKIAC claim against a prominent investor known as “Bitcoin Jesus” after he allegedly failed to pay back money owed on his account.

11 July 2022

ICDR decides fight over US-Korean blockchain deal

A US blockchain technology company has asked a New York court to enforce an ICDR award rendered in a US$300 million dispute with a South Korean counterparty over a failed stock purchase.

24 May 2022

Mining company markets crypto tokens to fund ICSID claim

Crypto investors are being asked to fund a US$13 billion ICSID claim against Slovakia that will be refiled “imminently” by a US mining company – five years after the original case was thrown out.

22 March 2022

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