Topic: Arbitrator challenges

Argentine highway dispute returns to ICSID

Spanish infrastructure group Abertis has filed an ICSID claim against Argentina over highway concessions – more than six years after settling an earlier case at the centre.

30 August 2023

US appeals court upholds Panama Canal awards

A US appeals court has refused to set aside a pair of ICC awards worth US$285 million in favour of the Panama Canal Authority based on the arbitrators’ involvement in unrelated arbitrations.

21 August 2023

Brazilian arbitrator resigns after Petrobras challenge

Brazilian arbitrator Anderson Schreiber has resigned from a tribunal hearing a shareholder claim against Petrobras over losses connected to the Lava Jato corruption scandal, after the state-owned company challenged him over an alleged conflict of interest.

26 July 2023

Argentine arbitrator survives challenge over Venezuela appointments

A UK election technology company has failed to disqualify Argentina’s Raúl Vinuesa from hearing its US$1.5 billion ICSID claim against Venezuela over his repeat appointments by the state.

02 June 2023

Spanish arbitrator charged over Malaysia mega-award

More than 60 arbitration practitioners have condemned the decision of Spanish authorities to bring criminal charges against Gonzalo Stampa over his role as the arbitrator who issued a US$15 billion award against Malaysia.

31 May 2023

Libyan refinery award upheld in Paris

The Paris Court of Appeal has upheld an ICC award in favour of Libya’s national oil company, rejecting arguments that tribunal chair Hilary Heilbron KC lacked impartiality because another barrister at her London chambers acted as counsel to Libya in a separate case.

31 May 2023

LCIA receives zero arbitrator challenges in 2022

The LCIA has revealed it did not receive a single arbitrator challenge last year in its latest annual report, as it also makes two new appointments to its court.

26 May 2023

Challenge to Clay dismissed in Cameroon pipeline case

Cameroon has failed to disqualify French arbitrator Thomas Clay from hearing an ICSID dispute with an oil consortium over a pipeline venture.

22 May 2023

Sinopec sees off challenge to Ecuador oilfield award

A Chilean court has upheld a US$64 million award won by Chinese state-owned energy group Sinopec against Ecuador’s national oil company, finding it did not violate national public policy.

18 May 2023

Sachs resigns from troubled Iranian gas dispute

There are now two vacant spots on a tribunal hearing a US$32 billion gas dispute between UAE-based Crescent Petroleum and National Iranian Oil Company, after co-arbitrator Klaus Sachs resigned shortly after the removal of tribunal president Laurent Aynès.

11 May 2023

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