Topic: Anti-suit injunction

UK court restrains Russian securities suit

The Commercial Court in London has restrained an insolvent Russian bank from pursuing a US$140 million lawsuit in St Petersburg over securities contracts, finding the dispute should be heard in LCIA arbitration.

29 September 2020

UK court affirms power to restrain foreign arbitrations

The English courts can restrain a foreign-seated arbitration in exceptional circumstances on the grounds that it is vexatious or oppressive, the Court of Appeal in London has confirmed – in a family dispute relating to the largest engineering and construction business in the Middle East.

16 July 2019

Oil companies fight Oxy for share of ICSID award

Houston-based Occidental Petroleum has failed in a bid to restrain Canadian oil and gas company Encana from pursuing claims against it in an ICDR arbitration over rights to the proceeds of a billon-dollar ICSID award against Ecuador.

27 February 2019

Russian fraud suit restrained but West Tankers stands

An English court has restrained a recently nationalised Russian bank from pursuing a US$600 million fraud claim through litigation in Moscow rather than in LCIA arbitration, while ruling it has no power to enjoin related court proceedings in Cyprus because the European Court of Justice’s decision in West Tankers still applies.

07 June 2018

Peanut butter wars lead to Australian injunction

The Federal Court of Australia has restrained a subsidiary of US food company Kraft Heinz from pursuing an ICDR arbitration in New York over peanut butter trademark rights, after finding that the dispute substantially overlaps with a false-advertising lawsuit between the same parties.

23 May 2018

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