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DIS German Arbitration Institution

DIS German Arbitration Institution

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For 100 years, the German Arbitration Institute (DIS) has been the leading institution in Germany for the administration of arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings for national and international commercial disputes. The DIS also provides information to companies on different, sensible possibilities to resolve conflicts quickly, thus helping companies save time and resources. The DIS is a registered association, with its seat in Berlin.

Customized Solutions for Commercial Disputes

As a competence platform, the German Arbitration Institute offers expertise for companies to solve commercial disputes efficiently and to obtain an enforceable award. The neutral, independent administration of proceedings ensures a high level of quality for the entire process of dispute resolution and allows parties to obtain an enforceable award.

With its own widely recognised set of rules, the DIS provides companies and other parties with many opportunities to resolve their disputes: arbitration, mediation, conciliation, adjudication, expert determination and expertise. Furthermore, the DIS offers rules that combine the advantages of both institutional arbitration and the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. It also provides for additional rules that can be opted in to meet the needs of specific complex procedural constellations such as the Supplementary Rules for Corporate Disputes. The DIS has successfully administered the resolution of thousands of commercial disputes between companies.

The 2018 DIS Arbitration Rules place special emphasis on the early settlement of disputes, a characteristic that distinguishes them from other institutional rules. This distinctive feature of the DIS Rules is reflected in the high settlement rate. The DIS Integrity Principles set the standard for transparency and neutrality. A state-of-the-art compliance system reduces legal risk.

In the last 5 years approximately 41% of DIS cases are international, with at least one foreign party present. The international caseload allows the DIS to be flexible with respect to foreign seats, languages and laws applicable to the merits.

DIS staff members are experienced international professionals. The staff members speak nine different languages natively, and more than 50% of the other members have lived or worked abroad.

Competitive Pricing Scheme

In both settlement and other scenarios, the costs for arbitrators and the administrative fees are usually lower than those of other arbitration centres. In exercising discretion, the DIS ensures that the determination of fees does not lead to inequitable results.

German Court of Arbitration for Sport

The German Court of Arbitration for Sport is supported by the DIS and acts independently of sports associations and clubs, athletes, the NADA and other sports organisations and players. It is concerned with disputes relating to sports, particularly anti-doping disputes.


The purpose of the DIS is to promote arbitration and dispute resolution. The DIS works independently of public and private organisations, and the members of the unique network comprise more than 1,400 experts in Germany and abroad, including the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, leading German companies, lawyers, in-house counsel and academics.

The DIS has offices in Berlin, Bonn and Munich. With its long tradition, the DIS has become a respected arbitration institution and has developed into a trusted and neutral platform for this field of law in Germany.

Berlin Office: Lennéstraße 9, 10785 Berlin, Germany

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