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Centre of Arbitration and Mediation of the Brazil- Canada Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC)

Centre of Arbitration and Mediation of the Brazil- Canada Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC)

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The Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CAM-CCBC) has over 40 years of experience and is the leading Brazilian institution in the administration of ADR. Apart from arbitration and mediation, the Center also offers management of dispute boards and Brazilian domain name proceedings and acts as appointing authority in ad hoc proceedings upon request.

CAM-CCBC has achieved national and international recognition throughout the years, providing a unique case management formula, developing best practices and actively promoting ADR. Over the past decade, it has concentrated a significant share of the Brazilian market, having administrated more than 1,100 proceedings in its history. Globally, CAM-CCBC is considered the eighth top-of-mind institution and the third in Latin America.

As of July 2020, 1,130 arbitrations and 66 mediation cases were registered with CAM-CCBC, involving Brazilian and foreign parties. The value of mediation cases is US$975,572,632.49, while that of arbitration cases is US$17,212,074,134.96. The average amount involved in mediation proceedings is US$21,208,100.71, while in arbitration the average is US$16,161,571.96.

CAM-CCBC has the physical and virtual infrastructure to administer all kinds of disputes concerning several business sectors. In 2019, these sectors were especially varied. Construction and infrastructure (17%), real estate (13%) and transport and logistics (8%) stood out as the most involved in arbitration.

CAM-CCBC’s activities are based upon six major pillars: efficiency, transparency, impartiality, independency, confidentiality and continuous improvement. These principles, along with the secretariat’s work, have set the benchmark for quality ADR services and have established a solid reputation for the Center.

Today, CAM-CCBC’s secretariat is composed of eight case management teams, who will closely follow every step of the proceedings, providing full administrative support. These teams are supervised by the secretariat coordinators.

Furthermore, the Center’s highly qualified general secretariat and presidency are responsible for decisions in proceedings and the general conduction of operations. It also has advisory boards for arbitration and mediation that are composed of the country’s top professionals and that collaborate in various initiatives.

CAM-CCBC’s wide set of rules are based on its extensive experience in the ADR market. To discipline procedural particularities and ensure more transparency and effectiveness in its services, CAM-CCBC also publishes administrative resolutions for subjects such as management of proceedings according to the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, online proceedings and emergency arbitration, among others things

CAM-CCBC is strongly committed to its institutional role in promoting ADR. The main activities cover: cooperation agreements with peer institutions; scholarships granted to law students and practitioners; academic incentives, notably for moot competitions; and events such as the annual CAM-CCBC Arbitration Congress and São Paulo Arbitration Week.

CAM-CCBC is aware of its unparalleled position in the Brazilian market and its consequent social and economic responsibility in setting the benchmark for an efficient dispute resolution administration. Prepared to tackle future challenges with the best and most reliable structure, the Center intends to continuously improve its services in line with ethical values, diversity and transparency.

Rua do Rocio,
No. 220 – 12th floor, room 121,
São Paulo, Brazil

Ave. Presidente Wilson,
No. 231 – 14th floor, room 1401,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tel: +55 11 4058-0400
Email: [email protected]

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