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Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CAM-CCBC)

Professional notice

Established in 1979, the Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CAM-CCBC) is the best-known and most traditional Brazilian arbitral institution, providing administrative support in various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In 2019, CAM-CCBC celebrates 40 years since its foundation, following its recent accolade as the eighth most preferred institution globally and the third in Latin America.

The institution’s reputation has been achieved throughout the years and is largely due to a modern and solid arbitration legal system in place in Brazil since 1996; a mediation legal system in place since 2015; case-management best practices; and CAM-CCBC’s active role in the development of ADR domestically and internationally.

Today, apart from arbitration and mediation, CAM-CCBC also provides administrative support to dispute boards and in domain-name dispute resolution, and acts as appointing authority. CAM-CCBC has received the significant number of 1,050 arbitration cases and approximately 60 mediation cases in its 40 years of existence, both domestic and international. The value of mediation cases totals US$889,166,726.30, while arbitration cases up to this point total US$19,775,709,561.70. The average amount involved in mediation proceedings is US$15,070,622.48; in arbitration, it is US$18,780,350.96.

CAM-CCBC is an industry leader, focused on complex disputes and recognised for its excellence in ADR. The work developed by CAM-CCBC is based on six major pillars: efficiency; transparency; impartiality; independence; confidentiality; and continuous improvement. These principles, along with the secretariat work, have set the benchmark for quality ADR services and established a solid reputation for CAM-CCBC, both in Brazil and abroad.

CAM-CCBC’s secretariat is composed of eight case management teams, led by case managers – all certified lawyers with extensive practical and academic experience, who will closely follow every step of the proceeding, providing full administrative support.

CAM-CCBC Rules have been developed as a result of its extensive experience, as well as its Codes of Ethics for arbitration and mediation proceedings. In order to provide discipline for more sensitive issues and increase the effectiveness of its services, CAM-CCBC also publishes a list of administrative resolutions. The most recently published resolutions concern the following:

  • electronic communications during the administrative phase of the arbitration proceeding;
  • equality of gender representation;
  • proceedings of the emergency arbitrator;
  • conduct of proceedings governed by the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules; and
  • reduction of costs for the combined use of arbitration and mediation proceedings.

CAM-CCBC is aware of the importance of its institutional role in promoting ADR and accomplishes this with excellence. It enjoys cooperation agreements with peer institutions; grants scholarships and sponsorships to law students, lawyers and practitioners; promotes internships for foreign students; supports academic initiatives; and promotes events such as its annual CAM-CCBC Arbitration Congress, the sector’s largest event in Brazil.

In 2019, Eleonora Coelho was elected the first female president in the history of CAM-CCBC. The advisory board and vice presidency were also renewed. The new administration is committed to maintaining CAM-CCBC’s leadership and service quality, improving technical tools and strengthening the institution’s benchmark.

CAM-CCBC is aware of the social and economic importance of an efficient and transparent dispute resolution centre. This, along with the ability to anticipate the market’s needs, ensures legal security.

Rua do Rocio,
No. 220 – 12th floor, room 121,
São Paulo, Brazil
Ave. Presidente Wilson,
No. 231 – 14th floor, room 1401,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel: +55 11 4058-0400
[email protected]

Eleonora Coelho
Eleonora Coelho

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