GAR 100 - 11th Edition

GAR 100 - 11th Edition

Over the years, users of international arbitration have realised the work requires a separate legal skill set – it’s not just another form of litigation. Law firms have responded, offering "international arbitration groups". Sometimes the label is reasonable: skin over muscle and bone. Other groups though are more like Potemkin villages. They look right, but lack substance. They’re intended to lure work in.

How to tell them apart?

Here the 100 can help. Eleven years ago, Global Arbitration Review published its first list of 100 firms "approved" for IA. To earn that stamp of approval, a firm had to open its books to our researchers so we could see what it was really working on – was there a regular diet of "serious" international arbitration - before credible arbitrators.  The result became the GAR 100.

Today, the GAR 100 offers advice on practices of all sizes from all parts of the world, all audited by GAR. It's grown beyond the original 100 firms: there are 165 firms listed in this, the 11th edition  - and a subsection on the most active expert witness providers. There is also a ranking (the GAR 30) of the busiest practices, which is generated from the size and number of the disputes all the firms in the 100 have argued in the past two years.

Information is correct as of 1st of January 2018