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Obeid Law Firm

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This family firm is a focal point for international arbitration in Lebanon

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Nayla Comair-Obeid founded this family firm in Beirut in 1987. Both firm and founder have since emerged as significant factors in the development of arbitration in Lebanon and the Middle East.

A professor of alternative dispute resolution at the Lebanese Judicial Institute and visiting professor at Panthéon-Assas University in Paris, Comair-Obeid has trained other lawyers and judges across the Middle East on arbitration and the role of the judiciary in supporting the process. She helped initiate what she describes as “an arbitration awareness campaign” across Lebanon and introduced international arbitration courses at undergraduate level at Lebanese universities. She has also played an active part on the wider international circuit, including serving as a member of the board of trustees of Cairo’s arbitration centre and as vice chair of the IBA arbitration committee.

It was no surprise, then, that when Lebanon began to amend its arbitration law, the firm was retained to prepare the first draft (the final law was published in 2002), or that the International Bar Association approached the firm to write the “IBA Arbitration Guide” for Lebanon and to assist in drafting and translating an Arabic version of the IBA guidelines for drafting international arbitration clauses. The firm has also assisted with the drafting of the Arabic version of the 2012 ICC rules.

The arrival of partner Ziad Obeid (Nayla’s son) in 2011 boosted the firm’s capability in the field of construction disputes. Ziad trained initially as a civil engineer and has worked for a major construction company in France and an engineering company in Canada. He has also practised at Freshfields in Paris and Dubai.

Who uses it?

Clients include companies and states usually from within the region. It has represented the government of Lebanon in two significant cases, and represented Turkey in Lebanese court proceedings relating to the US$10 billion Libananco case at ICSID (where Freshfields acted for the state).

The firm is active in the Middle East and north and west Africa, and has been involved in disputes in Europe, the Caribbean and North America that have a Middle Eastern connection. For example, the firm advised a Canadian energy company on matters of Lebanese law before the English High Court and in a Geneva-seated arbitration. It has also advised a US multinational in a Lebanese court action in support of a multimillion-dollar LCIA arbitration seated in London.

Nayla Comair-Obeid also sits as arbitrator and is a member of the ICSID panel of arbitrators and conciliators.

Recent events

The firm has added one new associate, Nathalie Iñiguez, a New-York qualified US lawyer, from legacy firm Salans in Paris.

Established in 1987, Obeid Law Firm is a full service law firm servicing the MENA region from its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The firm is widely recognised as one of the leading law firms in Lebanon and the Middle East; enjoying widespread recognition among local and international legal practitioners.

Recognised for its commitment to excellence and its expertise in Middle Eastern legislations, the firm has established a first-class international arbitration practice acting as parties’ counsel, arbitrator or expert. The firm also advises clients at the pre and post arbitration stages - from drafting arbitration agreements to enforcing arbitral awards, foreign courts decisions and asset preservation orders.

Over the past few decades, Obeid Law Firm has been involved in some of the largest arbitration cases in the Middle East and has actively participated in various legal reforms in Lebanon and the Gulf region.

Led by Professor Nayla Comair-Obeid, the firm’s arbitration team combines international best practice with local know-how. With acknowledged arbitration specialists engaged in some of the most significant English, French and Arabic-language arbitrations in the MENA region, the firm’s arbitration practice offers unparalleled regional expertise and wide-ranging capabilities.

Known for its diverse arbitration portfolio, the firm has been engaged in matters conducted under various arbitration rules and subject to a wide range of applicable laws, including: Syrian Law, UAE Law, Egyptian Law, Qatari Law, Jordanian Law, Kuwaiti Law, Lebanese Law, Tunisian Law, French Law, Swiss Law, Italian Law, English Law and US Law.

Members of the firm have also been called to give expert evidence on aspects of Middle Eastern legislations before arbitral tribunals and foreign courts including the Grand Courts of the Cayman Islands and the English High Court. Numerous books and publications have been authored by the firm members in Arabic, French and English on international contracts and international arbitration, including the reference book on “The Law of Business contracts in the Arab Middle East”.

Obeid Law Firm is a drafting contributor to the “GAR Reference” project and the “Guide to National Rules of Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of New York Convention Awards” published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris. The firm is also the author of the “IBA Arbitration Guide” for Lebanon and has participated in the review and translation of the Arabic versions of the IBA Guidelines for Drafting International Arbitration Clauses and the revised 2012 ICC Rules.


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