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“What has stood out for me with GAR is there is a real intent to get to the truth of the situation.”

  • Paula Hodges QC, Head of Global Arbitration Practice, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP


Stay ahead with our daily international arbitration news and analysis

GAR provides in-depth reports of the latest developments in both commercial and investment arbitration.

Work smarter with focused insight

Receive a series of guides, regional reviews and know-how products written by the best practitioners around the globe.

Keep informed with our conference coverage

Hear the latest trends and thought leadership with reports from all major conferences as well as our own.

Find top global arbitration practices worldwide

GAR identifies the top law firms and their achievements in the GAR 100, our annually updated guide to approved international arbitration firms.

Stay in touch with the community

Learn of the latest counsel moves, hires, promotions challenges and gossip within the arbitration community.

Get unique insight with GAR’s Arbitrator Research Tool (ART)

ART makes arbitrator research faster and more organised. Giving insight unavailable elsewhere, and updated weekly, ART allows you to learn about an arbitrator's approach in their own words and find eye witnesses who have seen an arbitrator in action recently.

News & analysis: Stay informed and make the right decisions

  • Daily news on all top updates and legal developments in commercial and investment arbitration.
  • Regular in-depth features, roundtables and thought-provoking analysis to contextualise issues in international arbitration.
  • Always reliable, accurate, balanced and easy to digest.
  • Online archive of 11,000 articles with over 11+ years of hard to find, valuable case data and community news - complete with primary documents.
  • The best insight into the community.
  • Six print and online magazines each year, incorporating the best long-read features and analysis from GAR.

Benchmarking: Gain market intelligence

  • The GAR 100 and GAR 30, are an annually updated review of the standout arbitration practices worldwide. The GAR 100, identifies the top law firms and their achievements. Within this, the GAR 30 ranks the very best of the elite in the arbitration community.
  • The Guide to Regional Arbitration provides ‘whitelists’ and directories of arbitral providers in particular regions, explaining which can be substituted without risk for better known organisations.
  • Independent research on the need-to-know professionals in the arbitration community, with full access to Who's Who Legal guides on arbitration, including Thought Leaders - Arbitration and Future Leaders - Arbitration.

Insight: In-depth coverage and practical tools from the experts

  • GAR publishes a series of guides on topics not covered elsewhere in a practical, easy-to-use format. Currently the series includes four books on energy arbitrations, construction arbitration, advocacy and damages, with M&A, challenges and enforcement coming soon.
  • Four annually updated regional reviews provide first-hand insight into international arbitration in important jurisdictions around the world.
  • GAR Know-how is an online tool that provides practitioners with a dynamic reference guide to particular dispute types such as investment treaty arbitration, commercial arbitration, construction arbitration, litigation and enforcement in Q&A format. The investment treaty arbitration Know-how now covers 70 jurisdictions.

Conference coverage: Discover what hot topics the experts are talking about

  • Extensive coverage including photos and transcripts of panel discussions from GAR Live international conferences, where some of the leading figures in international arbitration gather in the world's major cities to debate key issues.
  • Round-ups of key arbitration events, such as ICCA, the IBA arbitration day and all must-attend meetings.

Arbitrator Research Tool (ART): Make arbitrator research straightforward and cost-effective

  • A unique research platform that shows who has appeared as counsel before which arbitrators recently - so you can get an up-to-date assessment of an arbitrator's capabilities from someone you trust.
  • Contains a wealth of information - awards, CVs and procedural preferences - obtained from arbitrators themselves, making it a great platform for research.
  • Profiles include a Q&A with the arbitrator, which delves into their procedural preferences and approach to arbitration.

Universal Citation in International Arbitration (UCIA): Introducing a uniform approach to citation in arbitration

  • This desk-top manual on citation in international arbitration is a consensus document, authored by leaders in the field, on the most efficient and effective citation system for use in arbitral proceedings around the world.
  • UCIA is simple and easy top follow with examples throughout.
  • Uesful for all writing, UCIA provides a uniform approach to citing exhibits and authorities, including contracts, witness statements, expert reports, correspondence, statutes, arbitral rules, cases, hearing transcripts, treaties, travaux préparatoires, internet material, books and legal reviews.
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“GAR is the go-to read for the international arbitration community. It's on point and its reporting gets to the aspects of the cases we need to know about.”

Catherine Amirfar, Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton