Work Area: State-to-state

Iranian oil award survives Israeli challenge

An Israeli state-owned entity has lost its challenge against a US$1.12 billion award that compensates Iran’s national oil company for crude oil deliveries made just before the Iranian revolution of 1979.

27 July 2016

South China Sea tribunal favours Philippines

12 July 2016

China rejects UNCLOS award

12 July 2016

Lithuania loses to Gazprom in Stockholm

23 June 2016

Bulgaria faces payout in nuclear plant dispute

16 June 2016

Russian republic brings treaty claim against Ukraine

05 May 2016

India ordered to send Italian marine home

04 May 2016

Croatia boycotts hearing on implications of Sekolec scandal

18 March 2016

Naftogaz threatens treaty claim over Crimea

22 February 2016

Turkey wins price cut on gas from Iran

10 February 2016

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