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Indian state energy company brings claim against Sudan

A unit of India’s largest oil and gas company has filed a US$98.4 million claim against Sudan to recover money lost from an oil project hit when South Sudan broke away from the country in 2011 – with further claims likely.

17 April 2018

What Greenwood did next

UPDATED. After abandoning a bid to secure reappointment to the bench of the International Court of Justice, Sir Christopher Greenwood QC is to replace the late David Caron as a judge of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal – becoming the first non-national to be appointed by either of the two disputing states.

29 March 2018

ICC hears Chinese-Costa Rican refinery dispute

An ICC tribunal has begun hearing a diplomatically sensitive joint-venture dispute betweeen Chinese and Costa Rican state-owned entities over a cancelled US$1.5 billion project to upgrade an oil refinery.

26 March 2018

Asia-Pacific trade deal signed without the US

UPDATED. After US president Donald Trump withdrew the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his first day in office, the 11 remaining signatories have today agreed a major new trade deal without it – with some signing “side letter” agreements opting out of provisions on investor state dispute settlement.

08 March 2018

Australia and East Timor sign treaty on maritime border

UPDATED. Following two arbitrations and a conciliation under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Australia and East Timor have signed a treaty to end a bitter dispute over their maritime boundary in the area of a US$40 billion offshore oil and gas field.

06 March 2018

Gazprom reignites gas wars with Naftogaz in wake of award

Russia’s Gazprom says it has filed a new claim against Naftogaz just days after the Ukrainian state-owned company reported a win in another case, arguing that the latest award means two gas supply and transit agreements are no longer commercially viable.

05 March 2018

Naftogaz claims victory in gas transit dispute

01 March 2018

Iran threatens Pakistan with claim over stalled pipeline

Iran has reportedly threatened to file for arbitration with Pakistan as it seeks to recover US$1.2 billion in penalty payments after a gas pipeline project was shelved.

28 February 2018

Iran and Turkmenistan gear up for gas dispute

Turkmenistan’s national gas company and its Iranian counterpart have instructed counsel as they prepare to face off in an ICC arbitration over an alleged €1.54 billion debt for gas deliveries.

30 January 2018

ICJ “moonlighters” exposed in report

UPDATED. At least seven current and 13 former ICJ judges have moonlighted as arbitrators in treaty-based investor state dispute settlement cases during their time on the bench according to a newly published study – threatening to undermine the court’s reputation “as the highest authority on public international law”.

27 November 2017

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