GAR 100 - 16th Edition

Welcome to the GAR 100, Global Arbitration Review’s guide to specialist international arbitration practices.

Over the years, it has become obvious that international arbitration is its own skill set – separate from litigation. Law firms in turn have responded, offering "international arbitration groups". How can users of international arbitration find the firms that have true experience and ringcraft?

That’s where this guide comes in. Firms that wish to appear in the GAR 100 have to open up their books to our researchers and show us what they’ve worked on and in front of whom. We look for firms that can demonstrate a consistent stream of hearings before credible arbitrators. Our research is also informed by our daily news coverage of the most important cases.

The GAR 100 offers advice on practices of all sizes from all parts of the world, all audited by GAR. It's grown beyond the original 100 firms: there are 197 firms in this, the 16th edition. There’s also a ranking (the GAR 30) of the busiest practices, which is based on objective data, including the size and number of disputes that have gone to hearings in the past two years. We also provide a Power Index of the most frequently appointed expert witness firms in such cases.

While we have done our best to keep the profiles up to date with the latest developments, the information only purports to be correct as of 1 January 2023.

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GAR - CIArb Seat Index

Welcome to the first iteration of the GAR CIArb Seat Index.

The Index provides one-page summaries of the favourableness of individual arbitral seats against a range of standard criteria. The aim is to capture, in concentrated form, the essence of a seat.

Right now the Index covers six seats. Over time it will grow, and at the right moment ratings – AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB etc - will be added, making it a unique resource.

But the essence of the Index is the highly condensed, one-page reports.

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45 Under 45 2011

The “45 under 45” is intended as a guide to the leading figures of the international arbitration bar under the age of 45. The first time we published such a list was in our inaugural issue in 2006, so it seemed about time for a reappraisal.

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Women of Arbitration 2007

We asked members of ArbitralWomen to tell us how the world looks through their eyes. Here’s a selection of what they said.

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