The Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2021

Across 17 chapters and 112 pages, The Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2021 offers an invaluable retrospective. Together, our contributors capture and interpret the most substantial recent international arbitration events of the year just gone, with footnotes and relevant statistics. Other articles provide valuable background so that you can get up to speed quickly on the essentials of a particular country as a seat. This edition covers Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. It also has overviews of construction and infrastructure disputes in the region (and how to avoid them), investment treaty arbitration (particularly its relevance to the Belt and Road Initiative), the impact of covid-19 on the art of damages calculation, and third-party funding. Among the nuggets it contains: the common mistakes that contractors make when allocating risk in contracts and how to avoid them; a groundbreaking year for international arbitrations in Korea; the vogue among Asian states for including appeal mechanisms in their ISDS; how China’s government has managed to open up the mainland market to institutions such as the ICC, without having to amend the national arbitration law; the end of natural-justice based challenges to awards in Singapore; and a handy table showing the position of third-party funding in eight Asian states.

Country Chapters


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