Work Area: Renewable energy

Argentine grid manager faces second PCA claim

Argentina’s electricity market manager is facing a second claim at the Permanent Court of Arbitration filed by an investor in a World Bank-sponsored renewables incentives programme.

20 October 2020

Korean energy producer raises stakes in licensing dispute

South Korea’s largest energy producer is counterclaiming for US$880 million in two pending ICC arbitrations relating to technology licences – accusing the US fuel cell manufacturer that filed the cases of fraud and breach of contract.

19 October 2020

Will more renewables investors renounce claims against Spain?

Lawyers from Simmons & Simmons argue that the recent decision by UAE solar investor Masdar to renounce its award against Spain reflects the balancing act and challenges investors face when enforcing awards against states.

15 October 2020

Spain solar case moves to quantum phase

An ICSID tribunal has found Spain liable for breaching a German solar investor’s legitimate expectations through the state’s renewable energy reforms – but said it would apply a discount to the damages awarded.

14 October 2020

Renewables investors to renounce awards against Spain

A Dutch energy company will waive a €64.5 million Energy Charter Treaty award against Spain in order to qualify for the state’s new renewables incentives regime, while two other award creditors may soon follow suit.

06 October 2020

Romania faces renewable energy claim

44 solar investors from Europe and the Middle East have filed an ICSID claim against Romania over changes to the state's renewables regime.

18 September 2020

Italy liable over renewables reforms

A majority ICSID tribunal has ordered Italy to pay more than €18 million to subsidiaries of a German solar investor in an Energy Charter Treaty claim over changes to renewables tariffs.

15 September 2020

Insolvent solar investor fails in claim against Italy

An ICSID tribunal has rejected an insolvent solar investor’s claim against Italy, finding that reforms to the country’s renewable energy regime were not irrational or arbitrary.

08 September 2020

Spain solar case moves to damages phase

A divided ICSID tribunal has found that Spain will be liable over reforms to its renewable energy subsidy regime to the extent that they fell short of providing a Portuguese solar investor with a reasonable return on its investments.

01 September 2020

ICSID panel extends stay of Spain solar award

An ICSID committee has extended a stay of enforcement of a German solar investor's €41 million award against Spain, ruling there was a real risk the state may be unable to recoup any sums paid out if the award is subsequently annulled.

27 August 2020

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