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Zimbabwean hydro dispute heads to ICC

A hydropower producer is pursuing ICC arbitration in Johannesburg against Zimbabwe’s state-owned electricity company in a dispute over missed payments that it says could affect several of the country’s renewable energy projects.

19 August 2021

Peru defeats hydro claims at ICSID

Six hydroelectric power companies have seen their ICSID case against Peru dismissed on jurisdiction after a tribunal ruled that they could not combine their claims to meet contractual requirements that disputes must be worth over US$20 million to be heard at the centre.

18 August 2021

Spain ordered to pay German solar investor

An ICSID tribunal has ordered Spain to pay nearly €28 million to a German investor, nearly a year after finding that reforms to the country’s renewable energy subsidy regime frustrated the claimant’s legitimate expectations.

18 August 2021

Spain faces yet another renewables claim

Two Irish funds have become the latest of dozens of investors to file an Energy Charter Treaty claim against Spain over reforms to its subsidy regime for renewable energy.

04 August 2021

Spain fails to overturn solar award

Spain has failed to overturn a €101 million Energy Charter Treaty award won by solar investors that has recently become the subject of a European Commission state aid probe – as another investor whose award was annulled due to an arbitrator conflict files a resubmitted claim.

03 August 2021

Kosovan power plant claim discontinued at ICSID

A British power company’s €20 million ICSID claim against Kosovo over a scrapped power plant has been discontinued, with the parties agreeing to take the dispute to another forum.

20 July 2021

Solar award triggers EU state aid probe

The European Commission says it has begun an in-depth investigation to assess whether a €101 million Energy Charter Treaty award requiring Spain to compensate investors for changes to its renewable energy subsidy regime accords with EU state aid rules.

19 July 2021

Spain hit with another solar award

Investors in three solar power plants have been awarded €47 million in an Energy Charter Treaty claim against Spain concerning reforms to the subsidy regime for renewable energy.

28 June 2021

Lesotho on the hook for stalled solar project

A German renewables company has applied to enforce a €50 million award against Lesotho after the southern African state reneged on a contract to buy solar energy equipment.

18 May 2021

Germany faces more blowback from wind investors

A Dublin-based renewable energy company has become the second investor to launch an ICSID claim against Germany over legislative changes that disrupted plans to develop wind projects in the North Sea.

17 May 2021

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