Region: Zimbabwe

ICSID creditors to settle feud over Zimbabwe awards

A Zimbabwean forestry company is preparing to settle a dispute with its former owners over the division of US$124 million in proceeds from two overlapping ICSID awards against Zimbabwe – which has given rise to litigation between the creditors in the UK and competing enforcement actions in the US.

21 January 2022

South African mining group pursues Zimbabwe in DC

Two Mauritian subsidiaries of South African mining group Amari have brought a US action against Zimbabwe to collect on a US$50 million ICC award issued eight years ago over nickel and platinum projects that were terminated on the basis of corruption allegations.

11 January 2022

Zimbabwe wins currency dispute with hydro producer

An ICC tribunal has ruled that Zimbabwe’s state-owned electricity company was entitled to pay a hydropower producer in its local currency, a case that could reportedly affect other renewable energy projects.

25 October 2021

Zimbabwe creditors race to enforce overlapping ICSID awards

Two sets of ICSID creditors have applied to a US court to enforce overlapping ICSID awards against Zimbabwe over land expropriations as they sue each other in London.

27 September 2021

Zimbabwean hydro dispute heads to ICC

A hydropower producer is pursuing ICC arbitration in Johannesburg against Zimbabwe’s state-owned electricity company in a dispute over missed payments that it says could affect several of the country’s renewable energy projects.

19 August 2021

Zimbabwe faces US enforcement bid

A Swiss-German family have applied to a US court to enforce an ICSID award against Zimbabwe now worth more than US$274 million, which compensated them for land expropriations carried out by the government of former president Robert Mugabe.

27 July 2021

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