Region: Vietnam

European investors bring ICC claim against Vietnam

German and Portuguese entities have launched an ICC claim against Vietnam and two state-owned banks over the alleged misappropriation of €10 billion in funds.

28 February 2023

Vietnam faces second ICSID claim

Vietnam is facing its second ever ICSID case after a pair of Chinese construction companies filed a claim under a rarely used investment treaty.

30 November 2022

Park developer brings billion-dollar claim against Vietnam

An industrial park developer and its chairwoman founder have launched a billion-dollar treaty claim against Vietnam over an alleged campaign to force the company into bankruptcy, as a prior arbitration brought by her moves to the merits phase.

04 July 2022

Vietnam media group liable in M&A dispute

A SIAC tribunal has ordered a Vietnamese media group to pay nearly US$27 million to the Korean buyers of its interest in an electronic payments business that was implicated in an illegal online gambling ring.

13 January 2022

Fight over spoils of Vietnam claim to be arbitrated

A US court has ruled that a lawsuit brought against King & Spalding by a former client over the division of the proceeds of a US$45 million investment treaty award against Vietnam should go to arbitration.

13 January 2022

King & Spalding sued by client in funded BIT case

A Dutch national who won a US$45 million investment treaty award against Vietnam is suing his arbitration counsel King & Spalding, accusing the firm of colluding with third-party funder Burford Capital to cheat him out of his due share of the proceeds.

15 June 2021

Vietnamese gas block dispute settles at SIAC

A Singapore oil and gas company says it has settled a SIAC claim against a subsidiary of Japan’s Inpex Corporation over the purchase of a US$14 million stake in a Vietnamese offshore gas block.

12 November 2020

US insurer takes Venezuela to ICSID

Affiliates of Boston-based insurer Liberty Mutual have lodged an ICSID claim against Venezuela after selling their local operations amid hyperinflation and foreign exchange restrictions.

05 November 2020

Vietnam threatened over housing project

A Korean real estate investor has threatened Vietnam with a US$79 million investment treaty claim over the alleged expropriation of its stake in a Ho Chi Minh City housing project.

22 October 2020


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11 June 2020

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