Region: United States of America

US court hears challenge to SIAC "gag order"

Japanese electronics company Sharp has asked a US court to block a SIAC emergency arbitrator's confidentiality order prohibiting public discussion of an arbitration with a Chinese licensee - which it says breaches its right to free speech under the US Constitution.

16 August 2017

ICSID creditor takes award from New York to DC

US oil services group Tidewater has asked a court in Washington, DC, to enforce an ICSID award against Venezuela, after a Second Circuit ruling cast a shadow over the recognition of the same award in New York.

26 July 2017

US appeal court upholds award "de-enforcement"

A US appeal court has upheld a lower court's controversial decision to reverse its own enforcement of a US$57 million UNCITRAL award against Laos after it was set aside at the seat of arbitration, Malaysia.

24 July 2017

Annulled Guinea award blocked again in US

A US appeals court has refused to enforce an award against Guinea that was set aside by a West African court after the arbitrators negotiated a fee rise.

07 July 2017

Not “sorry”: Justin Bieber returns to arbitration world with libel dispute

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has once again made a surprise appearance in the world of international arbitration, after a Quebec court ruled an event promoter’s defamation suit against him is covered by an arbitration clause with his agent.

22 June 2017

Toshiba faces claim ahead of semiconductor auction

US data storage company Western Digital has confirmed that it will be seeking arbitration with Toshiba to halt an auction of the Japanese conglomerate’s US$20 billion microchip business.

15 May 2017

DR-CAFTA panel won’t split off nationality objection

The Dominican Republic has failed to persuade an UNCITRAL panel to hold a separate hearing on whether claims by two former missionaries concerning a real estate investment should be dismissed because of the claimants’ “dominant and effective” nationality.

03 May 2017

Canadian province pays out on NAFTA award

Canada has paid around US$21 million to a US investor to satisfy a NAFTA award after receiving the funds from the province whose moratorium on wind energy projects sparked the claim.

18 April 2017

TransCanada drops US$15 billion NAFTA case

Canadian pipeline company TransCanada has dropped its multibillion dollar NAFTA claim against the United States, after US president Donald Trump reversed an Obama-era decision to block approval of its planned "Keystone XL" pipeline.

27 March 2017

Crystallex award confirmed in US

A court in Washington, DC, has confirmed Canadian gold mining company Crystallex’s US$1.39 billion ICSID award against Venezuela, one of the largest awards ever faced by the state.

27 March 2017

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