Region: Ukraine

Crimea creditors jostle over Russian assets

An entity linked to Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has failed in an unusual attempt to halt the enforcement of a US$1.1 billion award against Russia – as it races to collect on its own treaty award compensating it for expropriated assets in Crimea.

20 November 2020

Dutch judge disqualified from suit over Crimean treasures

A Dutch judge has been disqualified from hearing a lawsuit over the fate of Crimean gold artefacts for giving inaccurate information about his past work with a party's counsel in a Yukos-related matter.

10 November 2020

Ukrainian space agency loses satellite claim

A subsidiary of Ukraine’s State Space Agency has failed in a US$227 million claim against a Canadian contractor over a satellite launch project disrupted by the Russian annexation of Crimea and a scandal over missing funds.

01 October 2020

Russian bank’s emergency award rebuffed in Ukraine

The Kiev Court of Appeal has refused to enforce an SCC emergency arbitrator award that restrained Ukraine from forcibly selling the assets of a Russian state-owned development bank.

17 September 2020

Ukrainian state entity reports win in arms dispute

A Ukrainian state-owned defence contractor says it has won almost US$9 million in an SCC claim against a US company whose management it accused of embezzling funds relating to a production line for projectile shells.

28 July 2020

Stockholm panel carves up Ukrainian gas venture

A Stockholm Chamber of Commerce tribunal has issued a further award in a dispute over the dissolution of a Ukrainian gas joint venture, reportedly rejecting most of a state-owned entity’s valuation arguments while reducing its partners’ share in their joint property by more than half.

19 June 2020

ICAC at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

27 January 2020

Ukrainian Arbitration Association

27 January 2020


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18 October 2019

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10 January 2019

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