Region: Turkey

Turkish group warns Serbia over e-ticket system

A Turkish transport technology company has reportedly threatened to bring a treaty claim against Serbia over a cancelled contract to provide electronic ticketing services for Belgrade’s public transport system.

21 March 2023

Turkey defeats bulk of uranium mining claim

Turkey has defeated the bulk of an ICSID claim brought by a US-based company over the revocation of uranium mining project licences.

07 March 2023

Turkey defeats multibillion-dollar claim

An ICSID tribunal has thrown out a US$6 billion claim against Turkey over a mining and media conglomerate that was accused of financing terrorism and placed under the control of trustees following an attempted coup in the country in 2016.

09 December 2022

Rosatom settles ICC dispute over Turkish project

Russian state-owned company Rosatom has agreed to settle a dispute over a Turkish nuclear power project that saw it face three ICC arbitrations worth a combined US$5 billion.

04 October 2022

Erdogan associate faces claim over pipeline project

A wealthy businessman who is said to be a close confidant of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is facing an ICC claim over an abandoned multibillion-dollar pipeline project to transport gas from Iran to Europe.

07 September 2022

Turkish investor puts Yemen on notice over road project

A Turkish construction company has threatened Yemen with a US$660 million treaty claim over a road project it says was disrupted by the seizure of equipment and raids and intimidation by paramilitary units.

24 August 2022

Rosatom faces disputes over Finnish and Turkish projects

Rosatom is bringing several ICC cases and potentially also a treaty claim over the termination of its contract for a Finnish nuclear power plant, GAR has learned, as the Russian state entity is threatened with arbitration by a Turkish contractor over another politically sensitive project.

03 August 2022

Lahore cleaning contract lands Pakistan at ICSID

Two Turkish companies have filed an ICSID claim against Pakistan over a US$174 million contract for waste disposal services in the city of Lahore after their offices were reportedly raided by local authorities.

23 June 2022

Greek state entity defeats Stockholm set aside bid

Greece’s state-owned gas company Depa has defeated an attempt by Turkish counterpart Botaş to have a Stockholm court set aside a US$227 million ICC award over the price of gas supplied under a pipeline deal.

05 April 2022

Turkey and Peru face ICSID claims

Italian energy group Enel has launched an ICSID claim against Turkey, while Peru is seeking external counsel for two new claims relating to highway and metro concessions.

13 December 2021

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