Region: Tanzania, United Republic of

UK investor prepares island resort claim against Tanzania

A UK real estate developer is reportedly preparing to launch an ICSID claim against Tanzania after its lease for a US$1.6 billion island resort project was terminated.

10 October 2022

UK power investors withdraw claim against Tanzania

The British co-founders of US power plant developer Symbion Power have discontinued an ICSID claim against Tanzania in a dispute that also gave rise to a US$560 million ICC claim.

02 June 2021

Tanzanian power deal leads to award

The assignee of a UAE company has applied to enforce a US$30 million award stemming from a Tanzanian power deal, accusing US energy company Symbion Power and its executives of asset-stripping to evade payment.

14 May 2021

Tanzania pays treaty award to avoid aircraft seizure

Tanzania has paid US$22 million to satisfy an UNCITRAL award after the Italian-owned creditors attempted to seize three aircraft purchased by the East African state following enforcement of the award in the Canadian courts.

30 April 2021

Tanzania faces latest claim over mining reforms

Tanzania is now facing three ICSID cases over the state's alleged revocation of mining licences after a Canadian company became the latest to make good on an earlier threat to bring a claim.

11 January 2021

Australian miner launches claim against Tanzania

A Perth-based miner has made good on a threatened US$95 million ICSID claim against Tanzania over the alleged expropriation of a nickel project following the state’s revocation of various mining licences.

30 September 2020

Australian miner secures funding for Tanzania claim

A Perth-based miner says it will make good on a threatened ICSID claim against Tanzania over the revocation of project licences after it secured funding for the case.

10 August 2020

Tanzania proposes arbitration reforms amid investor backlash

The government of Tanzania has proposed a number of long-awaited reforms to its arbitration act, including the creation of a new arbitral institution – as the country responds to an investor backlash to its regulatory regime that has led to several investment treaty claims.

12 February 2020

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