Region: Spain

Repsol again liable in multibillion North Sea oil venture dispute

Repsol has for a second time been held liable in a US$5.5 billion SIAC claim lodged by China’s Sinopec group over the purchase of a stake in a North Sea oil venture, although several other claims were dismissed in the latest partial award.

29 April 2021

Spain seeks to annul solar award

Spain has applied to annul a €28 million Energy Charter Treaty award won by German power utility RWE Innogy over the state’s changes to its renewable energy subsidy regime.

21 April 2021

Spain largely defeats Toyota renewables claim

An ICSID tribunal has largely dismissed a €258 million Energy Charter Treaty claim brought by a subsidiary of Japan’s Toyota Group against Spain over its renewable energy reforms.

25 March 2021

Swiss court rejects Spain’s challenge to solar award

A Swiss court has upheld a €91 million Energy Charter Treaty award in favour of a group of solar power investors against Spain despite the tribunal’s refusal to reconsider its jurisdiction in light of Achmea.

23 March 2021

ICC panel rules on Spanish salt venture

An ICC tribunal seated in Barcelona has upheld the validity of a joint venture agreement between subsidiaries of The Carlyle Group and Israel Chemicals to use waste from a Spanish potash mine to make high-quality salt.

18 March 2021

Spain defeats renewables claim by Blackrock

An SCC tribunal has dismissed a €135 million Energy Charter Treaty claim brought against Spain by a subsidiary of US investment fund Blackrock over the state’s reforms to its renewable energy subsidy regime.

09 March 2021

Spanish court sets high bar for award scrutiny

The Spanish Constitutional Court has reinstated an annulled award in a €600 million inheritance battle between relatives of a prominent deceased aristocrat – setting a high standard for the review of arbitral awards on public policy grounds.

18 February 2021

New leaders at Spanish club young group

The Spanish Arbitration Club’s under-40 group has elected a new nine-member leadership team based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador and the US.

17 February 2021

Miner threatens Spain over uranium ban

An Australian company developing a controversial €450 million uranium project has threatened to bring an arbitration against Spain over a proposed law banning mining of the material.

01 February 2021

What you missed at ICSID

Before the holiday break, ICSID saw another solar award rendered against Spain, a stay lifted in another renewables case, a new €100 million claim against Albania and the settlement of a US$500 million claim against Uzbekistan.

04 January 2021

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