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Swedish court rebuffs Spain again over ECJ referral

Spain has once again failed to persuade a Swedish court to refer questions about the Energy Charter Treaty to the European Court of Justice before deciding whether to set aside an award in favour of renewables investors.

06 November 2020

Spain solar awards enforced in Australia

An Australian court has enforced a pair of ICSID awards worth a combined €229 million plus interest in favour of European solar power investors against Spain, rejecting the state’s sovereign immunity defence.

24 February 2020

Tribunal Arbitral de Barcelona (TAB)

28 January 2020

Corte Espaòola de Arbitraje (CEA)

28 January 2020

Corte de Arbitral de la Camara de Comercio de Bilbao (CCB)

28 January 2020

Corte Civil y Mercantil de Arbitraje (CIMA)

28 January 2020

Centro Iberoamericano de Arbitraje (CIAR)

27 January 2020

Madrid Court of Arbitration - Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid

27 January 2020

Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA)

27 January 2020


Featured in The European Arbitration Review 2020

18 October 2019

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