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02 January 2019

Proceeds of SIAC claim frozen in Australia

An Australian court has agreed to grant a freezing order against a Spanish-owned engineering company to prevent it from disposing of the potential proceeds of a US$234 million claim it is pursuing against Samsung at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

16 May 2018

International court to hear arbitration-related cases in Singapore

Singapore has today passed a bill allowing parties to submit cases under its international arbitration act to the Singapore International Commercial Court for consideration by a bench of judges from all over the world - but only Singapore qualified lawyers will be able to argue them.

09 January 2018

SIAC gag order does not violate US constitution, court says

“Should a federal court stand idly by when a foreign arbitral commission issues an order restricting the speech of a private party?", asked a Washington, DC court in a judgment on whether a SIAC emergency arbitrator's gag order was unconsitutional. “Actually, yes.”

20 November 2017

Indian advocate admitted for Singapore set-aside

Harish Salve SA of Blackstone Chambers in London has been granted permission to appear in the Singapore courts on behalf of an Indian pharmaceutical group seeking to set aside a US$550 million ICC award – the first time that the city-state has admitted a foreign lawyer from outside the English bar.

31 October 2017

Shanghai court refuses to enforce SIAC sole arbitrator's award

A court in Shanghai has refused to enforce a SIAC award on the grounds that the Singapore institution's use of an expedited procedure with a sole arbitrator breached the parties' agreement that disputes would be resolved by a three-member tribunal.

30 August 2017

US court hears challenge to SIAC "gag order"

Japanese electronics company Sharp has asked a US court to block a SIAC emergency arbitrator's confidentiality order prohibiting public discussion of an arbitration with a Chinese licensee - which it says breaches its right to free speech under the US Constitution.

16 August 2017

Lesotho award set aside in Singapore

An award won by South African mining investors against the tiny neighbouring kingdom of Lesotho for a denial of justice has become the first investment treaty award on the merits to be set aside in Singapore.

15 August 2017

Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 5 - 2017)

30 June 2017

Singapore Institute of Arbitrators

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 5 - 2017)

30 June 2017

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