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Dutch court refuses to stay Yukos awards

The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that Russia’s arguments for overturning the US$50 billion Yukos awards are not strong enough to justify granting a stay of enforcement while the petition is heard.

04 December 2020


Featured in The European Arbitration Review 2021

03 December 2020


Featured in The European Arbitration Review 2021

03 December 2020

Yukos awards stayed in US

A US court has granted Russia a stay of enforcement on the US$50 billion Yukos awards while the state pursues its set aside bid in the Netherlands.

23 November 2020

Dutch court adviser rejects Russia’s call to stay Yukos awards

An advocate general of the Dutch Supreme Court has recommended that enforcement of the US$50 billion Yukos awards should not be stayed while Russia seeks to have them annulled.

16 November 2020

Stay clear of political issues, Russian minister warns tribunals

Russia’s Deputy Minister of Justice Mikhail Galperin has argued that arbitral tribunals lack authority to decide private claims that involve determination of national or international political questions - pointing to the Crimea and Yukos investment treaty cases against Russia.

21 October 2020

Lithuania can't revive billion-euro claim against Gazprom

The Supreme Court of Sweden has declined to hear Lithuania’s petition to revive a €1.4 billion SCC claim it brought against Russia’s Gazprom over allegedly unfair gas prices.

24 February 2020

Russia reels as Yukos awards are revived

The former majority shareholders in Yukos are celebrating a “victory for the rule of law” after today's ruling by a Dutch appeal court reinstating three Energy Charter Treaty awards worth US$50 billion against Russia.

18 February 2020

Canadian court bars new evidence in Yukos set-aside bid

A Canadian court has barred Russia from presenting fresh evidence in support of its bid to set aside a jurisdictional award in a US$700 million Energy Charter Treaty case brought by an investor in the defunct Yukos Oil Company.

31 January 2020

Russia fails to disqualify Yukos “go to guy”

A Canadian court has rejected Russia’s bid to disqualify a US academic from giving expert evidence on behalf of a former investor in the defunct Yukos Oil Company, finding that the fact he may have become the “go to guy” for parties suing the state did not prove that he lacked independence.

05 August 2019

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