Region: Qatar

Tribunal hears claim against Saudi Arabia over Qatar blockade

A tribunal is in place to hear a treaty claim brought against Saudi Arabia by a Qatari pharmaceutical company and its founder, who allege their investments were destroyed by the continuing blockade of Qatar by its Arab neighbours.

20 October 2020

Panels in place to hear Qatar's postal claims

Four tribunals are in place at the Permanent Court of Arbitration to hear claims by Qatar against its Middle Eastern neighbours over the suspension of postal services as part of their continuing blockade of the country.

15 September 2020

Qatar Airways launches treaty claims over blockade

Qatar Airways has launched investment treaty claims seeking at least US$5 billion in damages from four Arab countries who have banned it from their airspace and their markets, as part of a continuing blockade in the Gulf.

22 July 2020

Qatari state entity secures partial award in hospital dispute

An ICC tribunal has made findings on liability in a long-running dispute between a Qatari state-backed entity and a construction joint venture over a £1.9 billion contract to build a medical facility in Doha.

13 May 2020


Featured in The Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review 2020

20 April 2020

Malaysian contractor liable over Qatari project

An ICC tribunal has ordered Malaysian building company WCT Holding to pay US$35 million to three Gulf subcontractors in a dispute over the construction of Qatar’s interior ministry headquarters in Doha.

16 March 2020

UN postal body delivers for Qatar

The Universal Postal Union has passed an “unprecedented” resolution urging its bureau to appoint tribunal chairs in four arbitrations filed by Qatar against its Middle Eastern neighbours, relating to the suspension of postal services as part of the continuing blockade in the Gulf.

02 March 2020

Qatar International Arbitration and Conciliation Center (QICA)

28 January 2020

Award upheld in billion-dollar dispute over Qatari hospital

A UK court has upheld an ICC award that found a Qatari state-backed foundation validly terminated a contract for the construction of a £1.9 billion medical facility in Doha – a ruling with potentially “huge” financial consequences for the contractor.

04 October 2019


Featured in The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards - First Edition

29 April 2019

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