Region: Portugal

Claims loom against US gas supplier

Portuguese oil company Galp says it is considering its options over a US exporter’s alleged failure to provide contracted natural gas supplies – which has reportedly already led to three pending cases at the LCIA.

02 August 2023

Spain and solar investor both seek ICSID annulment

Spain and a Portuguese solar company have both applied to annul an ICSID award that granted €9 million plus interest to the investor.

30 July 2023

Portugal considers ECT withdrawal

Portugal is considering exiting the Energy Charter Treaty after the European Commission called for a coordinated withdrawal of the European Union and its member states.

21 July 2023

European investors bring ICC claim against Vietnam

German and Portuguese entities have launched an ICC claim against Vietnam and two state-owned banks over the alleged misappropriation of €10 billion in funds.

28 February 2023

Creditors of collapsed bank bring first treaty claim against Portugal

Subsidiaries of two US hedge funds have brought the first known investment treaty arbitration against Portugal, which relates to the collapse of one of the country’s largest banks.

17 November 2022

Portuguese investor gets damages in Spain solar case

An ICSID tribunal has ordered Spain to pay €9 million plus interest to a Portuguese investor over reforms to its renewable energy subsidy regime.

30 September 2022


Featured in The European Arbitration Review 2022

17 November 2021


Featured in The European Arbitration Review 2021

03 December 2020

Arbitration Centre of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAC)

28 January 2020

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arbitration Centre (PCCI-AC)

24 January 2020

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