Region: Poland

Packaging company launches claim against Poland

A UK sustainable paper and packaging company has lodged an Energy Charter Treaty claim against Poland over a renewable energy project.

01 February 2024

Swedish court annuls ECT award after Komstroy ruling

The Svea Court of Appeal has annulled an SCC award that ordered European investors to pay costs to Poland following an unsuccessful Energy Charter Treaty claim, finding the award was invalidated by the European Court of Justice’s ruling in Komstroy.

12 January 2024

Oil trader seeks to enforce against Poland

A Cyprus-registered oil trader has asked a US court to enforce a US$47.6 million Energy Charter Treaty claim award against Poland over the state’s refusal to comply with decisions by its own courts.

04 December 2023

Russian court restrains billion-dollar claim against Gazprom unit

A Russian court has restrained a Polish pipeline company from bringing a US$1.5 billion SCC arbitration against Gazprom’s export arm over halted gas deliveries.

31 October 2023

Gazprom unit asks Russian court to block billion-dollar SCC claim

Gazprom’s export arm has asked a Russian court to block a US$1.5 billion SCC arbitration brought by a Polish pipeline company over halted gas deliveries.

17 October 2023

Lithuanian power plant dispute settles in Stockholm

A Polish contractor has agreed to pay nearly €30 million to a Lithuanian state-controlled energy group to settle a Stockholm Chamber of Commerce arbitration over unfinished work on a biomass incineration unit.

14 September 2023

Dutch appeal court refuses to stay intra-EU BIT claim

The Amsterdam Court of Appeal has rejected Poland’s latest bid to restrain a Dutch entity from pursuing arbitration under an intra-EU bilateral investment treaty.

04 September 2023

Russian chemicals group threatens claim against Poland

A sanctioned Russian chemicals group says it will pursue international arbitration after Polish authorities seized control of its stake in a local fertiliser producer.

14 July 2023

More claims filed over halted Gazprom supplies

Poland’s Europol Gaz has filed an SCC arbitration against Gazprom reportedly seeking US$1.47 billion over delayed gas deliveries – as an Indian state entity also lodges a claim against a former unit of the Russian company over halted supplies.

19 May 2023

Dutch court again refuses to restrain intra-EU BIT claim

An Amsterdam court has once again refused to order a Dutch investment company to cease an arbitration against Poland under an intra-EU bilateral investment treaty.

13 March 2023

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