Region: Peru

“Side-switching” challenge rejected on appeal

A Spanish contractor has failed in a renewed bid to overturn a US$40 million ICC award over a Peruvian refinery on the basis that two members of its counsel team joined the opposing side’s law firm while the arbitration was pending – as a separate dispute over a US$1 billion project in Algeria gets underway.

27 July 2022

Texas investor brings ICSID claim against Peruvian state entity

A Texas-based energy company has brought an ICSID claim against a Peruvian state entity that allegedly refused to extend a licence agreement for oil and gas exploration.

14 July 2022

Peru sees off bulk of ICSID claim over highway project

Peru says it has knocked out most of a US$150 million ICSID claim by a construction contractor over a delayed project to improve a stretch of the Pan-American highway.

05 July 2022

Peru threatens claim against Repsol over oil spill

Peru has said it is contemplating international arbitration against Spanish energy company Repsol after declaring an environmental emergency over a massive oil spill off the country’s coast.

31 January 2022

A win for Cameroon and other news at ICSID

UPDATED: Before the holiday break, Cameroon defeated an ICSID claim worth nearly US$1 billion and new claims were filed against Mali, Guyana, Peru and Hungary – while Italy failed again to knock out an Energy Charter Treaty case.

04 January 2022

Turkey and Peru face ICSID claims

Italian energy group Enel has launched an ICSID claim against Turkey, while Peru is seeking external counsel for two new claims relating to highway and metro concessions.

13 December 2021

Andean states face investment disputes

A cement consortium’s claim against Bolivia has come to light, as Peru is hit with an ICSID claim over a road project and Chile is threatened for a third time over its private pension reforms.

25 October 2021

Peru faces claim over gold seizure

Italian investors have launched a US$65 million UNCITRAL claim against Peru after a state authority allegedly seized gold bars to satisfy a third-party tax liability.

16 September 2021

Peru faces second ICSID claim over metro project

A Spanish-Italian consortium has brought a second ICSID claim against Peru over a project to build Lima’s second metro line – weeks after the state was found liable in the first case.

23 August 2021

Peru defeats hydro claims at ICSID

Six hydroelectric power companies have seen their ICSID case against Peru dismissed on jurisdiction after a tribunal ruled that they could not combine their claims to meet contractual requirements that disputes must be worth over US$20 million to be heard at the centre.

18 August 2021

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