Region: Peru

Gold trader takes Peru to ICSID over criminal probes

A Dubai-based precious metals company has launched a US$75 million ICSID claim against Peru after it was targeted by authorities investigating alleged illegal gold trading and money laundering.

21 May 2021

Maersk files new port claim against Peru

A subsidiary of Denmark’s Maersk Group has filed a new ICSID claim against Peru, four years after settling a previous arbitration over a delay-hit project to modernise one of the country’s largest ports – while the state has also been threatened over a fibre optic project.

20 May 2021

Peruvian state agency seeks to halt liquidation of oil consortium

A Peruvian state agency has filed an ICC claim against an oil consortium, accusing it of using liquidation proceedings to escape its contractual and environmental obligations.

13 May 2021

Peru's presidential frontrunner proposes ditching ICSID

Peruvian presidential frontrunner Pedro Castillo has pledged to withdraw the country from ICSID and other ISDS mechanisms and create a new regional arbitration centre for South American nations if he wins a runoff vote in June.

07 May 2021

View from Peru: an interview with Ricardo Ampuero Llerena

Ricardo Ampuero Llerena, the former head of the government commission that represents Peru in investment disputes, speaks to GAR about the state’s track record in investor-state arbitration, his hopes for ISDS reform and concerns over recent proposals to regulate domestic arbitration in the country.

30 March 2021

Telefónica takes Peru to ICSID

Spain’s Telefónica has filed an ICSID claim against Peru – its fourth against a Latin American state – over the treatment of its local operations by tax authorities.

15 March 2021

Peru draft law risks “chaos” in domestic cases

Peru is considering a bill that will require all arbitrators in domestic cases to have their legal qualifications certified by a state regulator or face removal from tribunals – a move that practitioners warn will cause “chaos” and effectively bar foreign lawyers from hearing those disputes.

25 February 2021

Peru claimant ordered to reveal funder

A tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration has ordered a US oil investor to reveal the third-party funder backing his US$97 million investment treaty claim against Peru – but said he was not required to disclose details of the funding agreement.

11 February 2021

Korean investor threatens Peru over blocked gas sale

A Korean energy company has threatened Peru with a treaty claim, accusing the state of blocking the billion-dollar sale of its gas investments in the Amazon basin.

08 February 2021

Peru faces claim over telecoms networks

A US infrastructure services company has filed a new ICSID claim against Peru, two years after it lodged an ICC claim over a terminated project for rural telecommunications networks in the country.

05 January 2021

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