Region: Pakistan

UN agency faces PCA claim over poultry orders

A Pakistani poultry company has brought a claim against a United Nations agency before the Permanent Court of Arbitration, accusing it of breaching a procurement contract.

16 May 2023

Iran threatens Pakistan with US$18 billion pipeline claim

Iran has reportedly threatened to bring an US$18 billion arbitration against Pakistan over a gas pipeline project disrupted by US sanctions.

09 March 2023

LCIA awards upheld in Pakistan gas dispute

An English court has upheld LCIA awards worth US$88 million in favour of a Pakistani state-owned energy company, ruling the challenge was based on a mutual misunderstanding of the arbitrator’s findings.

20 February 2023

Pakistan-India hydro dispute underway in The Hague

An arbitral tribunal tasked with resolving a dispute between Pakistan and India over two hydroelectric power plants has had its first meeting in The Hague – but India has refused to participate, arguing the matter should be resolved through an alternative process under the same treaty.

06 February 2023

Barrick and Pakistan seal deal to end ICSID feud

Canada’s Barrick Gold has finalised its agreement with Pakistan to revive a stalled mining project and settle an ICSID award worth more than US$6 billion.

22 December 2022

Korean hydro venture brings LCIA claim against Pakistan

Pakistan is reportedly seeking outside counsel to defend it in an LCIA claim by a South Korean joint venture over a hydropower project that has already led to two other arbitrations.

16 November 2022

Korean company takes Pakistani state entity to LCIA over hydro project

A South Korean joint venture has filed a US$94 million LCIA claim against a Pakistani state-owned entity over spiralling costs for a 30-year hydropower concession.

04 July 2022

Lahore cleaning contract lands Pakistan at ICSID

Two Turkish companies have filed an ICSID claim against Pakistan over a US$174 million contract for waste disposal services in the city of Lahore after their offices were reportedly raided by local authorities.

23 June 2022

Barrick and Pakistan agree to end ICSID feud

Canada’s Barrick Gold has reached an agreement in principle with Pakistan to restart a troubled mining project and settle an ICSID award worth more than US$6 billion.

21 March 2022

Nappert rules in Pakistan gas dispute

Canadian-British arbitrator Sophie Nappert has ruled in favour of a Pakistani state-owned entity in a US$109 million LCIA dispute over supplies of gas for two power plants.

16 December 2021

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