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Senegal sees off one ICSID case and is hit with another

A Norwegian-owned oil company’s contract-based ICSID claim against Senegal has ended with both sides’ claims dismissed, as the west African state is hit with a treaty claim over a project to construct a port terminal.

21 November 2023

Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler counsel goes solo in Geneva

Nina Lauber-Thommesen has left her role as counsel at Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler to launch an independent arbitrator practice in Geneva.

11 May 2023

Norwegian solar investors bring ICSID claims against Honduras

A Norwegian state-owned development fund and its partner in two solar energy projects have brought separate ICSID claims against Honduras.

24 April 2023

Norway faces third snow crab claim

A third Baltic fishing company has brought an ICSID claim against Norway over rights to fish for snow crab, under a treaty that is just days away from being terminated.

22 March 2023

KPMG barred from snow crab case at ICSID

An ICSID tribunal has barred KPMG from advising Norway in a €400 million dispute over snow-crab fishing because of a “clear conflict of interest” – while refusing to disqualify Norwegian firm Wikborg Rein from acting for the state.

21 March 2023

Norway hit with another snow crab claim

Norway is facing another ICSID claim by an investor in the snow-crab industry, brought under a bilateral investment treaty that the state is reportedly seeking to terminate.

01 December 2022

Norway and Latvia move to terminate BIT

As oral hearings take place in a €400 million snow-crab fishing dispute under the Latvia-Norway bilateral investment treaty, the two states have moved to terminate the BIT and its ten-year sunset clause.

10 November 2022

“True misnomer” doesn’t bar enforcement in Singapore

Singapore’s Court of Appeal has said a Norwegian oil services company can enforce an award issued in the name of another company that no longer exists, holding they are “for all intents and purposes” the same legal entity.

17 March 2022


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