Region: Netherlands

Dutch investor turns to Latvian courts over animal fur ban

A Dutch investor says it will bring a €56 million claim against Latvia in the country’s courts over a ban on mink fur farming – deciding against pursuing an intra-EU bilateral investment treaty case.

27 March 2023

Uniper withdraws ECT claim

Uniper has withdrawn its controversial Energy Charter Treaty claim against the Netherlands over climate change legislation as a condition of a €34.5 billion bailout from the German government.

21 March 2023

Renewables funds swapped out of US action against Spain

A US court has allowed the claimants to be substituted in an action to enforce an Energy Charter Treaty award even as Spain warns their directors could face criminal penalties over the move.

13 March 2023

US judge grants anti-suit injunctions against Spain

A US judge hearing two actions by solar investors to enforce ICSID awards worth a combined €333 million against Spain has issued injunctions to prevent the state from trying to halt the proceedings through litigation in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

16 February 2023

DIFC court upholds award against Iraqi state entity

UPDATED: A court in the Dubai International Financial Centre has rejected an Iraqi state oil company’s challenge to a US$40 million ICC award despite the arbitrators’ finding that the claimant engaged in “unethical and illicit” conduct by making payments to a member of parliament.

13 February 2023

India loses Dutch appeal over treaty award

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has dismissed India’s bid to set aside an investment treaty award in a bitter saga over a cancelled satellite deal.

03 February 2023

Dutch court blocks Stati award over “procedural fraud”

A Dutch court has refused to enforce a US$500 million Energy Charter Treaty award against Kazakhstan after finding that the Moldovan claimants committed procedural fraud in the arbitration – just as a Swedish court allows them to target sovereign assets.

25 January 2023

Iranian gas award enforced in Rotterdam

Iran’s national oil company has failed to halt enforcement of a US$2.4 billion award in Rotterdam despite its last-minute entreaty to Dutch prosecutors to investigate the Emirati award creditor for alleged corruption.

13 December 2022

PDVSA may face multibillion claim over joint venture

UPDATED: Executives at a Dutch company say they are considering potential arbitration claims worth billions of dollars against PDVSA after the Venezuelan state entity expropriated their interest in a joint venture.

08 November 2022

Netherlands moves to quit Energy Charter Treaty

The Dutch government has followed Spain and Poland in announcing plans to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty, while other European states are reportedly considering abstaining from a vote next month on reforms to the treaty.

19 October 2022

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