Region: Netherlands

Dual nationals fail to revive Venezuela claim

A Dutch court has refused to allow a family of food investors to revive a US$240 million treaty claim against Venezuela that was rejected based on their dual nationality.

12 February 2021

Dutch court unfreezes Albanian oil revenues

A Dutch court has largely lifted attachments on Albanian government oil revenues previously granted to Italian investors seeking to enforce a €110 million ICSID award.

10 February 2021

Dutch lawyer joins new boutique

Former Eversheds lawyer Stan Putter has exchanged one Dutch boutique for another, moving from Conway & Partners to Smallegange Lawyers to add an international arbitration practice to the firm’s offering.

05 February 2021

Netherlands faces first ICSID claim over coal plant ban

The Netherlands will face its first-ever ICSID claim, brought by Germany’s RWE over the phase-out of coal power plants as part of climate change legislation.

03 February 2021

Dutch court sets aside Kazakh attachment ruling

The Dutch Supreme Court has set aside a decision upholding a US$5.2 billion attachment against Kazakhstan’s sovereign wealth fund over an Energy Charter Treaty award – while several US hedge funds with an interest in the award face renewed fraud allegations.

08 January 2021

Dutch court refuses to stay Yukos awards

The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that Russia’s arguments for overturning the US$50 billion Yukos awards are not strong enough to justify granting a stay of enforcement while the petition is heard.

04 December 2020


Featured in The European Arbitration Review 2021

03 December 2020

Dutch court adviser rejects Russia’s call to stay Yukos awards

An advocate general of the Dutch Supreme Court has recommended that enforcement of the US$50 billion Yukos awards should not be stayed while Russia seeks to have them annulled.

16 November 2020

Dutch judge disqualified from suit over Crimean treasures

A Dutch judge has been disqualified from hearing a lawsuit over the fate of Crimean gold artefacts for giving inaccurate information about his past work with a party's counsel in a Yukos-related matter.

10 November 2020

20 years of Dutch emergency proceedings

Rogier Schellaars of Van Doorne and Martje Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek analyse 20 years of emergency arbitration proceedings at the Netherlands Arbitration Institute.

05 October 2020

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