Region: Mexico

Mexico defeats bulk of claim over ship seizures

A divided UNCITRAL tribunal dismissed the bulk of a Singaporean investor’s US$227 million treaty claim against Mexico relating to the seizure of vessels during a fraud probe, a newly published ICSID award reveals.

12 May 2022

Dispute over Mexican broadcaster settles at ICC

Spanish and Mexican media companies have agreed to settle a shareholder dispute over control of a Mexican radio broadcaster that gave rise to ICC arbitration as well as conciliation and emergency arbitrator proceedings.

26 April 2022

Mexico faces NAFTA claim over closure of fuel terminal

A US energy company has threatened Mexico with a legacy NAFTA claim worth US$667 million over the closure of a fuel storage terminal – a measure it says is part of a government effort to restore the monopoly position of state-owned oil company Pemex.

25 February 2022

Telecoms investor fails to revive NAFTA claim

A Canadian court has dismissed a US businessman’s attempt to revive a US$472 million NAFTA claim against Mexico over a regulatory decision that allegedly destroyed his telecoms business.

24 February 2022

Sands slams exclusion of amici from NAFTA case

Philippe Sands QC has criticised his co-arbitrators' refusal to allow two groups to make amicus curiae submissions in a NAFTA dispute over a Mexican seabed mining project, saying the move ignores “legitimacy concerns” about the process and “local community interests”.

11 February 2022

Mexico faces ICSID claim over water plant

UPDATED: A Cayman-headquartered company has filed an ICSID claim against Mexico worth almost US$60 million over a cancelled contract for a water treatment plant.

10 February 2022

Mexico liable over vessels seized in fraud probe

A Singaporean marine services provider has been awarded damages in a treaty claim against Mexico relating to the seizure of vessels during a fraud investigation, as a related ICSID claim by a Dutch bank is discontinued.

12 January 2022

Mexico challenges NAFTA denial of justice award

Mexico has asked a US court to vacate a NAFTA award that requires it to pay US$47 million to a Canadian fund in compensation for a denial of justice – as a Canadian court strikes out evidence presented by another investor seeking to revive a claim under the trade agreement.

08 December 2021

Mexico and Guatemala face new ICSID claims

Mexico has been hit with a second ICSID claim relating to a venture to provide digital technology for taxis – as Guatemala faces a claim by a Panamanian investor in a hydroelectric project.

16 November 2021

Mexico liable for denial of justice

A NAFTA tribunal has ordered Mexico to pay US$47 million to a Canadian real estate investor over the failure of the country’s courts to address evidence that it was the victim of a fraud.

22 September 2021

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