Region: Mexico

Mexico liable for denial of justice

A NAFTA tribunal has ordered Mexico to pay US$47 million to a Canadian real estate investor over the failure of the country’s courts to address evidence that it was the victim of a fraud.

22 September 2021

Mexico declares win against satellite operator

Mexico says it has defeated an investment treaty claim for more than US$120 million brought by France's Eutelsat over the reservation of satellite capacity for use by the state.

17 September 2021

Live Nation to settle Mexican M&A dispute

Live Nation has revived a deal to acquire a Mexican live entertainment business for over US$440 million, suspending an ICC arbitration in which it had sought to abort the purchase because of the covid-19 pandemic.

15 September 2021

Mexico threatened with treaty claim over oilfield

A Houston energy company has threatened Mexico with a treaty claim after the country’s national petroleum company, Pemex, was designated as the operator of an offshore oilfield.

06 September 2021

BP defeats claim over tax liabilities

An AAA tribunal has dismissed a US$55 million claim against BP by subsidiaries of a Bermudan deepwater drilling contractor over tax liabilities.

06 August 2021

Mexican utility alleges corruption after LCIA claim

A Mexican state-owned electric utility facing a US$40 million LCIA claim from a Texas energy company has warned it will pursue civil and criminal proceedings against the claimant, alleging that its contracts were procured through corruption.

21 July 2021

Mexican state utility pays hydro award

Mexico’s state electric utility has paid US$270 million to a Chinese-Mexican consortium to settle an LCIA award over a hydroelectric project disrupted by local protests.

07 July 2021

Goldman Sachs brings claim against Mexican state utility

US investment bank Goldman Sachs has launched international arbitration against Mexico’s state electric utility to recover US$400 million in debt that arose after a storm in Texas earlier this year led to a rise in natural gas prices.

19 May 2021

US oil and gas investors bring claim against Mexico

A group of US oil and gas investors have filed an ICSID claim against Mexico over their investments in the country’s upstream hydrocarbons sector.

13 May 2021

Mexico threatened over sugar mill bankruptcy

A US agribusiness investor and JP Morgan have threatened Mexico with a NAFTA claim after they were unable to seize property owned by a local sugar mill business that had defaulted on two mortgages.

07 April 2021

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