Region: Mexico

US investor hits Mexico with land seizure claim

A Michigan manufacturer has made good on its threat to lodge a US$3 billion claim against Mexico, alleging that authorities expropriated its land based on a presidential resolution issued nearly 90 years ago.

16 May 2023

NAFTA panel hears claim over Mexican sugar-mill mortgages

An ICSID-administered tribunal is hearing a NAFTA legacy claim against Mexico brought by a US agribusiness investor and JP Morgan, who allege the state’s courts prevented them from foreclosing on mortgages in relation to a sugar mill business.

10 May 2023

Highway investors take Honduras to ICSID

A group of investors in a terminated highway construction project have brought a contractual claim against Honduras at ICSID, as more details emerge about a separate claim by a financial services company.

17 April 2023

Bolivian politician’s company settles with Mexican debtor

A Bolivian politician’s company has ended its efforts to enforce a US$36 million award in the US courts despite pending annulment proceedings in Bolivia, after it reached a settlement with the Mexican award debtor.

17 March 2023

Second parking investor brings NAFTA claim against Mexico

A US-based company has become the second investor to launch a NAFTA legacy claim against Mexico over its investments in Mexico City's parking system.

14 March 2023

Mexico faces NAFTA legacy claims as deadline looms

Canadian mining investors have lodged a NAFTA legacy claim against Mexico and threatened another, as the deadline to bring such cases approaches.

03 March 2023

Mexico knocks out treaty claim over land seizures

An UNCITRAL tribunal has declined jurisdiction over a US$80 million claim brought against Mexico by a group of hotel investors over the seizure of properties in a tourist hotspot.

23 November 2022

Miner hits Mexico with NAFTA claim over VAT rebates

A US precious metals producer has made good on its threat to file a NAFTA legacy claim against Mexico over its tax authorities’ refusal to grant VAT refunds on royalty payments.

11 November 2022

Mexican land seizure prompts threat of NAFTA claim

A Michigan-based investor has threatened Mexico with a US$3 billion NAFTA legacy claim after authorities expropriated its agricultural land in purported reliance on a presidential resolution issued more than 80 years ago.

01 November 2022

Curtis wins bid to advise Mexico in 13 disputes

Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle has won a tender to advise Mexico in 13 investment disputes after seeing off competition from six other firms.

07 October 2022

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