Region: Mauritius

Madagascar knocks out telecoms claim

A split ICSID tribunal has refused to hear a treaty claim brought against Madagascar by a pair of Mauritian telecoms companies.

30 August 2023

Privy Council revives Mauritian award in construction dispute

The UK’s Privy Council has reversed the decision of the Supreme Court of Mauritius to annul an award issued in a domestic dispute between a contractor and a district council, finding the parties had tacitly agreed to extend the arbitrator’s mandate.

09 June 2023

Mauritius seals win in treaty dispute with dual national

A French-Mauritian businessman whose US$1 billion investment treaty claim against Mauritius was dismissed five years ago because of his dual nationality has lost a final bid to challenge the decision in the Belgian courts.

29 May 2023

Mauritian injunction fails to halt treaty claim against India

An UNCITRAL tribunal has ignored a Mauritian court order enjoining investors in insolvent satellite company Devas Multimedia from pursuing their US$640 million treaty claim against India, as the claimants accuse the state of going “scorched earth” since the case was filed.

19 May 2023

Privy Council rejects appeal over “hybrid” clause

The UK Privy Council has upheld an award issued by Bird & Bird partner Jalal El Ahdab at a Mauritian arbitral institution, rejecting arguments the case should have been heard under ICC rules pursuant to a “hybrid” arbitration clause.

15 December 2021

Mauritian Supreme Court upholds ICC award

The Supreme Court of Mauritius has issued an important judgment on the New York Convention, upholding the enforcement of an ICC award of more than US$1.5 billion won by ArcelorMittal despite arguments by Essar Steel that it was denied a fair opportunity to be heard.

03 August 2021

Dual national fails to revive Mauritius claim

A Belgian court has ruled that an UNCITRAL tribunal was right to decline jurisdiction over a French-Mauritian businessman’s US$1 billion treaty claim against Mauritius based on his dual nationality.

05 July 2021

Privy Council reinstates award against Mauritian state entity

The Privy Council in London has reinstated a US$120 million SIAC award against a Mauritian state-owned company, ruling that the island nation’s courts were not entitled to review an arbitrator’s finding that the underlying contract was not illegal.

14 June 2021

Mauritius boundary claim against Maldives to proceed

A UN court in Hamburg has ruled that it can hear a claim by Mauritius against the Maldives regarding their maritime boundary in the Indian Ocean – finding that Mauritius’ sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago could be “inferred” despite the UK’s refusal to hand back the territory.

29 January 2021

Mauritius – the positive effect of negative effect

Emmanuel Gaillard highlighted the many positives of Mauritius's international arbitration offering in a speech in Port Louis – particularly praising the country's recognition of the negative effect of competence-competence, which he said puts it in the league of leading jurisdictions like France, Singapore and Switzerland.

30 September 2020

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