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US court blocks DOJ’s seizure of Clyde & Co funds

A judge in California has refused to allow the US Department of Justice to seize escrow funds held by Clyde & Co for an arbitration client that are allegedly linked to the 1MDB embezzlement scandal in Malaysia.

12 March 2021

Clyde & Co spared order to transfer “1MDB” funds

A UK judge has refused to compel Clyde & Co to make payments to an arbitration client from escrow funds that US authorities have linked to the 1MDB embezzlement scandal in Malaysia.

01 March 2021

Silicon plant owner wins partial set-aside in Singapore

A Singapore court has ruled that the owner of a polysilicon plant was denied a fair chance to respond to a “completely new defence” to an ICC claim for delay damages, which led to a US$15 million reduction in the amount it was awarded.

09 February 2021

Malaysian travel agency fails to reverse res judicata finding

The Singapore Court of Appeal has upheld a SIAC award against a Malaysian online travel agency in a US$35 million dispute with its former owners, ruling that the tribunal’s finding on res judicata was not a question of jurisdiction that could be examined afresh.

04 December 2020

New AIAC director announced at last

A Malaysian federal court judge, Suriyadi Halim Omar, has been appointed director of the Kuala-Lumpur based Asian International Arbitration Centre after Vinayak Pradhan died earlier this year.

16 November 2020

Shell faces challenge to Malaysian oil platform award

A Malaysian state-owned shipping company has applied to set aside an award worth over US$340 million won by a Shell subsidiary at the Asian International Arbitration Centre in a dispute over one of the country’s largest offshore oil fields.

22 July 2020

Rajoo in the clear as dispute over successor continues

The former director of the Asian International Arbitration Centre, Sundra Rajoo – who has been facing criminal charges in Malaysia for using the centre’s money to publish a book – has seen the charges against him quashed, as a dispute over the appointment of his successor continues.

22 June 2020


Featured in The Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2021

11 June 2020

Shell wins damages in Malaysian oil dispute

A Shell subsidiary has won more than US$340 million in a billion-dollar arbitration at the Asian International Arbitration Centre, launched by a Malaysian state-owned shipping company over one of the country’s biggest offshore oil fields.

14 April 2020

Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) – (Formerly KLCRA)

27 January 2020

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