Region: Malaysia

Rajoo back at AIAC

In a dramatic volte face, Sundra Rajoo has been reinstated as director of the Kuala Lumpur-based Asian International Arbitration Centre after being cleared of criminal charges arising from his previous eight-year tenure.

17 March 2023

French court upholds stay of Malaysia mega-award

A French court has refused to lift a stay of enforcement of a US$15 billion award against Malaysia – as the award holders reportedly target state-owned properties in Paris.

16 March 2023

Abu Dhabi fund settles with Malaysia's 1MDB

An Abu Dhabi government-owned entity has agreed to pay US$1.8 billion to Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB to settle LCIA and London court proceedings relating to a multibillion-dollar fraud.

27 February 2023

Malaysian assets frozen again in Luxembourg

Luxembourg assets belonging to Malaysia’s national oil company have been frozen for a second time at the request of Philippine nationals seeking to enforce a US$15 billion award against the Asian state.

16 February 2023

Malaysian state entity defeats bid to revive SIAC claim

UPDATED: A Singapore court has upheld a SIAC award favouring Malaysia’s state-owned telecoms company in a US$35 million dispute with a provider of set-top boxes for internet protocol television, finding no evidence the arbitrator failed to keep an open mind.

07 February 2023

Sultan’s heirs take Malaysia mega-award to the Netherlands

The heirs to a sultanate on the island of Borneo have asked a Dutch court to enforce their US$15 billion award against Malaysia.

30 September 2022

Moser award set aside over “flexible approach” to damages

Singapore’s Court of Appeal has partially set aside a €62 million ICC award over a Malaysian steel plant after finding that a tribunal chaired by Michael Moser breached due process by adopting a “flexible approach” to proof of damage.

26 July 2022

Malaysia gets stay of mega-award as assets frozen in Luxembourg

A French court has granted Malaysia a stay of a US$15 billion award won by heirs to a sultanate on the island of Borneo after finding its enforcement could infringe on the country’s sovereignty – as the heirs secure an attachment over Luxembourg subsidiaries of the Malaysian national oil company.

12 July 2022

Malaysian state telecoms company beats SIAC claim

Malaysia’s state-owned telecoms company says it has defeated a US$34.5 million SIAC claim brought by a Singapore-registered IPTV services provider, also winning a counterclaim for misrepresentation.

08 July 2022

Malaysian challenge fails in Indian oil block dispute

A Malaysian court has upheld an ad hoc award in a dispute between former partners in an offshore Indian petroleum block that was shut down more than a decade ago.

28 April 2022

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