Region: Libya

Paris court issues trio of Libya decisions

The Paris Court of Appeal has upheld its earlier ruling permitting Libya to appeal the enforcement of a €280 million award – the third judgment the court has issued in recent months involving the state or entities it owns.

27 February 2024

Turkish contractor fails to revive treaty claim against Libya

The Paris Court of Appeal has upheld an ICC award that dismissed a US$190 million investment treaty claim brought by a Turkish construction company against Libya over projects left unfinished after recent civil war.

18 January 2024

Libyan fund launches treaty claim against Belgium

UPDATED WITH COUNSEL: Libya's sovereign wealth fund is pursuing a treaty claim against Belgium over the freezing of its assets, as it succeeds in lifting the last remaining attachments obtained by a pair of award creditors in France.

28 November 2023

Libyan civil war claim terminated

A Tunisian investor that sought US$75 million from Libya for losses incurred during the country’s 2011 civil war has had its treaty claim terminated for failing to pay its share of the advance on costs.

21 August 2023

Libyan state entity settles with Turkish construction joint venture

A Turkish joint venture says that a Libyan state entity has agreed to pay US$35.4 million to settle an ICC dispute over a construction project disrupted by the country’s civil war.

19 July 2023

US court upholds dairy investor’s award against Libya

A US court has upheld a €19 million treaty award against Libya over the expropriation of a dairy and juice factory, rejecting the state’s argument that a lower court should have independently reviewed the tribunal’s jurisdictional findings.

14 July 2023

Libya creditor targets former Gaddafi property in London

A US defence contractor is seeking to satisfy a £16 million ICC award against Libya through the sale of a London property previously owned by the family of the country’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi.

26 June 2023

Libya declares win in treaty claim over Gaddafi-era expropriation

Libya says it has defeated a US$424 million investment treaty claim brought by the heirs of a Middle Eastern businessman whose property was confiscated by the former regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

15 June 2023

Libyan refinery award upheld in Paris

The Paris Court of Appeal has upheld an ICC award in favour of Libya’s national oil company, rejecting arguments that tribunal chair Hilary Heilbron KC lacked impartiality because another barrister at her London chambers acted as counsel to Libya in a separate case.

31 May 2023

Libya reports win in treaty case

UPDATED WITH COUNSEL: Libya says it has defeated a US$140 million treaty claim brought by a Korean contractor over the construction of several residential buildings, after obtaining a favourable ruling in court proceedings relating to a €280 million award in a separate dispute.

27 April 2023

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