Region: Libya

Libya fails in corruption challenge to treaty award

The Paris Court of Appeal has upheld a US$51 million investment treaty award against Libya, rejecting the state’s allegations of corruption and ruling that the legality of the claimants’ investment was a matter for the arbitrators.

26 May 2021

French court says PCA lacked power to intervene in OIC case

The Paris Court of Appeal has ruled that the Permanent Court of Arbitration had no authority to assist in the appointment of a tribunal to hear a US$525 million claim against Libya after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation refused to appoint an arbitrator on the state’s behalf.

26 March 2021

Cypriot investor seeks to enforce against Libya

A Cypriot company is seeking to enforce a €20 million investment treaty award against Libya arising from the expropriation of a dairy and juice factory.

10 March 2021

French court revives Libyan civil war claims

A French court has upheld an ICC tribunal’s decision to award US$116 million to a Libyan state entity while ruling it should have agreed to hear a UAE oil company’s claims over the unauthorised use of Libya’s biggest refinery during the country’s 2011 revolution.

03 March 2021

Turkish investor withdraws claim against Libya

UPDATED. A Turkish national has withdrawn his US$69 million ICC claim against Libya over his investments in construction projects disrupted by the country’s civil war.

11 January 2021

Libya overturns treaty award in Paris

The Paris Court of Appeal has set aside a French construction company’s €452 million ICC award against Libya after finding it was based on a fraudulent settlement agreement.

18 November 2020

Libya challenges treaty award in US court

Libya has asked a US court to vacate an investment treaty award that requires it to pay more than €83 million to an Austrian investor in six construction projects that were disrupted by the country’s 2011 revolution.

16 September 2020

German investor fails to revive settlement with Libya

A French court has refused to reinstate a US$120 million consent award in an investment treaty case against Libya that was rescinded after the tribunal found that the German claimant procured the settlement fraudulently.

17 July 2020

Libya held liable over civil war disruption

An ICSID tribunal has ordered Libya to pay €74 million in damages to an Austrian construction company over infrastructure projects that were disrupted by the country's civil war.

01 July 2020

Libyan entity ordered to pay in "man-made river" dispute

An ICC tribunal has ordered a Libyan state entity to pay US$40 million plus interest to two Turkish joint venture partners over disruption caused to an underground pipeline project that was suspended as a result of the Arab Spring.

06 November 2018

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