Region: Lesotho

Lesotho court voids arbitration clause in public contract

A German company that won a €50 million award against Lesotho over a stalled solar project has vowed to resume enforcement efforts despite a ruling by the kingdom’s courts declaring the underlying contract and its arbitration clause invalid.

14 November 2022

Lesotho on the hook for stalled solar project

A German renewables company has applied to enforce a €50 million award against Lesotho after the southern African state reneged on a contract to buy solar energy equipment.

18 May 2021

Mauritian panel terminates claim against Lesotho

An UNCITRAL tribunal seated in Mauritius has terminated a case brought by a group of South African diamond mining investors against Lesotho, in the wake of a related annulment decision by the Singapore courts.

03 April 2019

Lesotho award set aside in Singapore

An award won by South African mining investors against the tiny neighbouring kingdom of Lesotho for a denial of justice has become the first investment treaty award on the merits to be set aside in Singapore.

15 August 2017

Mining claimants frustrated again in Lesotho service quest

A group of South African mining investors cannot serve notice of their leave to enforce a costs award on Lesotho except through diplomatic channels, a Singaporean judge has ruled - noting the “potentially huge repercussions” if a state were served incorrectly.

09 May 2017

Singapore service ruling delays enforcement against Lesotho

As Lesotho faces a second arbitration brought by South African mining investors, the claimants have won leave to enforce a costs award from an earlier proceeding in Singapore – but have been blocked from serving notice on the state except through diplomatic channels because of state immunity law.

16 March 2017

Lesotho mining dispute leads to second UNCITRAL claim

Lesotho is facing a second UNCITRAL claim from a South African mining investor, as it seeks the set aside of a first award against it for denial of justice in Singapore.

08 February 2017

English QC to appear for Lesotho in Singapore

The Singapore High Court has allowed English barrister Samuel Wordsworth QC to appear on behalf of Lesotho in its efforts to set aside an investment treaty award that held the southern African state liable for a denial of justice.

08 September 2016

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