Region: Kuwait

Five convicted over fake arbitration in Geneva

A prominent international sports official and his former lawyer have received jail sentences after being convicted of forgery in Geneva over their role in a fake arbitration.

10 September 2021

Kuwaiti investor revives billion dollar award against Libya

A Kuwaiti construction company has persuaded Egypt’s Court of Cassation to reinstate a controversial US$1 billion award against Libya relating to a tourism resort that was never built.

29 June 2021

Egyptian investor can’t join ICSID claim against Kuwait

An ICSID tribunal has refused to allow an Egyptian businesswoman to be joined as co-claimant in an investment treaty case against Kuwait over a failed project to build a heritage site in the country’s capital.

16 October 2020

Kuwait Mediation & International Arbitration

28 January 2020

Kuwait Mediation & International Arbitration Chamber

04 January 2019

Lawyers charged in Geneva over fake arbitration

Swiss authorities have charged Matthew Parish and two other Geneva-based lawyers with fabricating an arbitration as part of an effort to implicate senior Kuwaiti officials in a coup plot and corruption scandal.

03 December 2018

Kuwait tribunal rejects interim requests from both sides

Kuwait and a trio of European construction companies have failed to convince an ICSID tribunal to adopt a raft of provisional measures in their dispute over an overrunning highway construction project, including issuing orders to halt work or ensure it continues.

06 December 2017

Highway project leads to first ICSID claim against Kuwait

Italian and Spanish construction companies have filed the first ICSID claim against Kuwait over a billion-dollar project to upgrade one of the Gulf state’s main highways.

07 March 2017

Egypt and Jordan settle ICSID claims

A Kuwaiti investor has settled an ICSID claim that it filed against Egypt in the wake of the Arab Spring, as Jordan amicably resolves a dispute with French mobile operator Orange.

04 November 2016

Kuwait Mediation & International Arbitration Chamber

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 6 - 2018)

03 November 2016

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